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The Wonderful World Of Handmade Full Body Puppets For Sale

By Eula Nichols

Puppet shows are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. If you have a script but need the characters, you can buy handmade full body puppets for sale. There are many characters and creatures ready made for purchase that fit a variety of scripts. Or be creative. Buy a few fun characters and develop your own script. Bargain sites offer a variety of interesting characters. Professionals may want to design and order custom built characters.

Therapists use puppets as play therapy. Talking through a character can bring shy children out of their shell. Kids often make up scripts showing traumas and concerns they're unable or afraid to talk about. Sensitive subjects can be discussed in the 3rd person. Very young children don't have the vocabulary to explain their worries, but they can show them through role playing with puppets.

Marionettes encourage creativity. Involve children in the characters. Make them part of the script. Ask kids to decide on the voice for a particular character. Make up stories, or let kids make up the story. Name characters for friends and family and incorporate current happenings in their life into a story. Let kids develop and control the sound effects.

Education can be entertaining. Shows can include moral and ethical dilemmas and solutions. Use marionettes to act out real life issues and role play ways to handle life's problems. Small children enjoy counting, reading, rhyming, and singing along with cute and fun characters. Favorite books, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes come to life on the stage.

You don't have to be a professional to put on a fun and entertaining show. You do need to practice. Actors must choose voices for their marionettes, and coordinate action on the stage. Professionals spend many hours studying and practicing diction, voice projection, body movement. It takes great skill to coordinate movements, voices, and sound effects. Professionals sometimes choose marionettes with remote controlled animatronics.

Puppets of all types and sizes have been used for thousands of years. They've been mythical creatures, gods, and goddesses. They've represented animals to be hunted. They've been characters in elaborate storytelling rituals. They've been toys. Wire controlled marionettes have been found in Egyptian tombs.

The poor in 5th century Greece couldn't afford theater with it's expensive actors. They could afford an entertaining show performed with marionettes, a traveling stage, 2 or 3 operators. The famous Punch and Judy began as a traveling carnival in 16th century England. In Germany, marionettes brought classical opera to the working class.

Today, puppets are often used by comedians, especially for expressing political and cultural satire. They're also popular as children's entertainment. Puppetry is used for fun, education, and therapy, and to explore creativity in art and drama classes. Children develop musical skills with a sing-along. Children's shows often encourage audience participation.

Handmade full body puppets for sale include animals, people, cartoon characters, or mythical creatures. They can represent cultural figures and everyday life. They can represent kings and queens and superheroes. Fairy tales or nursery rhymes come to life. Marionettes can show joy or sadness. They can be naughty or nice, aggressive or shy, kind or cruel.

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