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Buying Quilts From The Quilt Store Vs. Making Them At Home

By Jerri Perry

Everyone feels a greater attachment to things they have worked for, and things they have created on their own. However, in this day and age, we buy most of our things, and pay for most of our services. Think of the difference between a quilt that is purchased from a quilt store, and one that is homemade, using old t-shirts or blankets that mean something to the person creating it.

One of the reasons that people usually give for buying instead of making things is that they do not have the time it would take to make them. This is a valid point. However, if you consider the money that can be saved by making things on your own, the extra time may be worthwhile. Here are a few things to consider making or doing at home rather than paying for.

1. Cooking. We eat so many extra calories and spend so much more money when we are in the habit of eating at restaurants or getting take out. Making food at home means tastier, cheaper, healthier options. Cook in bulk when you have the time, and freeze the leftovers. You will be amazed at the money you save, and surprised at how convenient it can be.

2. Make your own clothing. This is a skill that used to be commonplace, but is not fairly rare. It is complicated, especially if neither sew nor knit, and do not know anyone who can teach you. It is not impossible though. Take a class or teach yourself. You will save money and have a more unique look.

3. Fashion jewelry. You can't make your own diamonds, but most of the jewelry you find in the mall and other shops is not made from precious gems. It is made from beads or stones that can be purchased at craft stores. You can put them together in unique combinations for a fraction of the price that you pay for ready-made jewelry.

4. Picture Frames. You could pay twenty dollars for a cheaply made frame at a department store, or you could make your own. Buy some simple frames at a craft shop, and decorate them yourself. You can include words or objects that have a personal meaning.

5. Run or walk outside instead of at the gym. Gym memberships are often a waste of money. If you use all of the weight lifting equipment and other fancy machines, it might be worthwhile. However, many people only use the elliptical or the treadmill. Instead of paying for this, just walk or run in a park or in your neighborhood, especially during the summer months. You will save money and you will feel better.

This is just a sampling of the kinds of things you can make and do on your own for cheap or for free. Come up with more ideas. You will have to make choices, obviously. When you work outside the home or have other responsibilities that are time consuming, you cannot home-make everything. But even a couple of things, like making a quilt instead of going to the quilt store and working out outside instead of going to the gym, can make a a difference.

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