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Excellent Mental Health With Phillip Romero

By Jerri Perry

Doctor Phillip Romero has offered psychiatric help and training to numerous persons over the decades he has been in the industry. His experience is enriched by the clinical encounters he has had over the years. He specializes in psychiatric conditions affecting children, families and adolescent. He is a respected author and trainer with his resources being used by psychiatrists and patients across the world. This has increased his reach and influence beyond his physical clinic.

Phantom stress forms part of his flagship books on mental health and stability. The tricks or suggestions given in the book help readers to be learned and empowered. Implementing the suggestions cause a rapid change in physical, emotional and mental reactions. The ultimate goal is to ensure that personal relationships are free of stress. The ideas shared are practical and can be applied in multiple areas with incredible results.

Change by applying the ideas of Phillip is rapid and effective. It helps families, couples and individuals to change their present circumstances regardless of how bad and how long it has been. Present diagnosis will not affect the capacity or potential of an individual. Practical ideas cause a sudden change in fortunes to the advantage of the person or group involved. The effects are long term and beneficial.

Dr. Romero offers Logosoma Brain Training as an integrated package that is informed by modern neuroscience. This is a developmental stress training package that leads to better mental stability and sensitivity to personal feelings. Mindfulness and meditation are part of personal therapy session included in the package.

LBT or Lagosoma brain training seeks to assist patients dealing with attention disorder, anxiety, depression and relationship or career issues. Tested and thoroughly researched procedures are used to enhance long term benefits. Psychiatric support is given to patients battling addiction to drugs, internet, sex, gambling and related social disorders. The duration of addiction or disorder does not reduce the possibility of finding a solution.

Conflicts in the family have a devastating effect on unity and social performance of the members. It affects their relationships with undesirable long term damage. Such damage needs to be checked with the support of a psychiatrist before it spins out of proportion. This forms part of a comprehensive family package that also includes oppositional defiance counseling.

Patients with dual diagnosis and bipolar disorder require professional assistance to ensure that they realize their potential in life. Seeking the help of an experienced psychiatrist ensures that the long term effects are beneficial and reliable. The harmful effects of obsessive compulsive disorder are felt in reduced productivity and unreliable relationships. The damage could be irreparable especially when action is not taken in good time.

Doctor Phillip Romero offers life coaching sessions to help individuals achieve their potential in all circumstances. The approach is humanistic and suggestive as opposed to coercion witnessed in other cases. Life coaching sessions help to boost self esteem and confidence at a personal and social level. The doctor is available for home visits, during medical tours and over the internet through such platforms as skype.

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