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Basics About A Missoni Turban

By Cathy Mercer

Missoni turban is a type of headgear based on cloth winding. The name used to refer to this head cover differs from place to place. There shapes, colors, and sizes also differ from one place to another. In some communities, all members are required to wear them. Depending on the community, they are meant either for a specific gender or both.

Their importance differs widely since the wearers may be the only ones who understand their meaning. Some use them for fashion purposes whereas in others they are a symbol for piety, affiliation, responsibility, grief, or bravery. When used for fashion the wearer ensures that they match with their clothes. They are used on various occasions like funerals, prayers, wedding ceremonies, and religious festivals.

Turbans have various uses. People who live in deserts wear turbans to keep sand from their faces. In certain communities, a pagg wearer is considered as a responsible person who must to be treated utter respect. Such a person holds their community together and teaches others to be accountable for each other. They are a source of motivation to younger generations who will do everything possible to emulate them.

Turbans may serve as a unifying factor in most cases. In such circumstances, pagg wearers consider one another as a friend. These head covers are exchanged amongst close friends. The exchange signifies that they have come into an endless friendship and will always remain close friends. The relationship comes with several favors as members of both families may freely intermarry as a way of preserving the connection.

Religions, which permit wearing of turbans, do not agree on when they need to be worn. Some demand that they tie turbans only during worship whereas others require them to be worn all the time. As much as they may differ on that issue, they still bear the same beliefs concerning dastars. For instance, they agree that a turban wearer has to behave in a morally accepted manner.

Some styles of tying turbans are common in some places. One can easily tell the clan of a person by just looking at how they tie their turbans. One requires skills and experience to do this. People from different places have their unique styles. There is no given style of wrapping a turban. People can come up with their own unique styles for identity.

Due to diversity in cultures, some people have formed their own opinions about turbans. Such opinions are expressed differently through actions. Some of the actions express several misconceptions held by people about turbans. Unfortunately, the victims of such actions are either non-turban wearers or wearers. These misconceptions trigger emotions such as hatred, anger, or love. There are cases when non-turban wearers and wearers direct their actions against each other.

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