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General Information About The Indian Turban

By Nita McKinney

It is believed that the first people to wear an Indian turban were the Russians who settled in hotter areas of India. These garments were mainly used by farmers and travellers who needed protection from the extreme temperatures of the day. This practice later spread to other places in the region. Its popularity increased after it was adopted by a religious sect known as Dharma. Today, it is a popular accessory in the region and is used for various purposes.

These turbans are used to signify various aspects of the Indian society. Wearing a turban is regarded as way of modest dressing that signifies values that are highly regarded in the society. It is a symbol of honor and respect in all wherever it is wrapped. Important guests are given these turbans by their hosts as a sign of appreciation.

The color of the turban worn depends on the occasion or event at hand. Saffron is associated with valor and is a favorite for attending rallies. White signifies peace and is mostly worn by leaders. Pink headdresses are worn when attending celebratory events such as wedding ceremonies and parties.

The turban is wrapped around the head using a special technique. This can be done in a number of ways to form different styles depending on the desired look. Scientifically, it has been proven that the practice of wearing this headdress has some medical benefits. When wrapped properly, it stabilizes the cerebral matter and enhances the functioning of the brain. It is a customary dress for the men and signifies their class, social cast, religious beliefs and profession. It also portrays wealth and prosperity.

There are those individuals who may wish to make their own turban. The process is easy and takes several minutes. The individual must have a suitable fabric that is comfortable to wear and must be familiar with basic sewing skills. The material is cut and the sides sewn to ensure the edges are not frayed.

The Indian society has its own customs, practices and beliefs. Most men wear them on a daily basis in the course of their daily activities. Some of the tribes that have embraced this practice are Rajastani, Sikhs and the Kanadija. The Sikhs have adopted the practice as part of their religious practices. They are sometimes decorated with small weapons to make them more fashionable.

The Sikh community is particularly known to spearhead this practice. This is done for various reasons. Religious laws prohibit Sikh men form shaving their hair. They therefore rely on these headdresses to protect their hair and keep it clean. This is a minority group and therefore relies on this practice to strengthen social ties and enhance unity since it is their unique form of identity. For the women, the practice is optional for them.

In the past, an Indian turban was mainly worn by men in the cultural elite. It was used as a basis of distinguishing upper class members from commoners. This promoted elitism and segregation leading to a lack of unity. To abolish the class system and promote unity, it was made mandatory for all men in the region to wear turbans.

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