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Information About Venetian Masquerade Masks That You Should Know

By Andrea Davidson

The town of Venice in Italy forms the origin of Venetian masquerade masks. This was back in the thirteenth century. The practice the led to the adoption of this culture came about because of the locals wearing then during carnival festivals. Although the available technology was not advanced, the people were able to document the carnival and show it to other locals.

As a way of enabling interaction between the different social classes, the face covers worked to hide the identity and social status of people present in the party. There were free conversations between the party attendants away from the limitations of real life situations. This practice is still present and common in many parts of the world.

For people of the opposite sex, the parties was a great opportunity to express what they felt for each other. The good thing was that, no one could be able to identify the other, during and even after the party. With the idea of a hidden identity, these people could say their most honest thoughts and express their love without any fear.

When it comes to design and structure the mask, it is complex. This design is no different from the one that was present back in the thirteenth century. The structure includes bright colors that are accented with silver or sometimes gold. In order to meet the different preferences of people, these pieces come in different shapes and sizes. At the same time, you can others that can cover the whole face while others only cover the eyes.

Leather, paper and plaster were the most common materials for producing these products. The materials ensured a difference in the face covers and people choose them according to their preferences. Fabric and jewels were the enhancing materials to give the items regular shapes.

Just but to mention the names, the mask that can cover the whole face is referred to as the Bauta while the one that covers only the eyes is the Columbina. Apart from these, other examples do exist. You can find those with long noses. Particularly, these are still common in many parties. There are also other types such as the Volto, Moretta and Medico. The popularity of these products is evident from the fact that there have Hollywood stars who have worn them while acting.

Tradition and elegance characterize these products. These two features have been around for the longest time. Many people like wearing these face covers since they bring a sense of class and uniqueness. Attending a party while wearing one will surely turn heads.

Venetian masquerade masks are proof that elegance, beauty and fashion of products can make them last for long. People appreciate such stuff for as long as they live. Once individuals start embracing a particular practice as part of their culture, not even the test of time will deter them. The practice of wearing these face covers during parties is a practice that even other cultures have adopted.

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