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Understanding The Use Of Islamic Turban

By Cathy Mercer

Some religions have their own way of dressing. In this regard, their followers are influenced to obey and make use of that dressing. It can be on a part or entire body. In other scenarios, it is not just the religion but their culture and traditions. The Muslim faithful have been using the Islamic turban as a mode of their dressing for men.

The above mentioned attire is elongated and slim when it comes to size. Men of this religion use it to cover their heads as denoted in their beliefs. The fabric comes from a variety of materials; some synthetic while others natural. They include cotton, wool, nylon and polyester. Regardless of this variation in make, it serves the same purpose; covering the heads of men believers.

In color, they appear in variety. Some are black, others white, yellow, grey, blue and many others. Each of these colors has their own meaning and perception when one uses a turban of a certain color. In this regard, preference is wholly a matter of choice to make as long as one has knowledge about that given color he has put on.

Within the prophetic books, there is denotation concerning the standard size which has been used since the early days. This is a length of between seven to ten yards. Any size between this two is seen to be appropriate. Of late, a lot of debate has emerged concerning this length as some view it as way too long for them to tie on their head. That is why shorter turbans are allowed on condition that they go around the head at least once.

Wrapping around the head is done in a certain aspect. This implies that it requires a skill. Some end up having difficulty in doing so but with time and practice, they fully perfect. When wrapping, it has to be done to a point where the crown is completely covered. At some point in time when this is done, Muslims who use it tend to have recurring headaches.

As per all these, the uses of this cloth are quite a number. When a man wears this, it pictures him as someone with high sense of respect and manhood. This shows that he is a strong believer in their faith and has a high feeling of total devotion into it. All these can be quoted from their holy book.

Praying also is a must for one to be putting it on. Doing so with a bare head is a sign of laziness and abomination to their religion. This view used to be practical during the olden days. Of late, it is allowed especially when one has humbled before their god as a show of humility. Present-day Muslims do not wear it during prayers.

Islamic turban is also used as identification for fellow brothers and clear distinction from the non Muslim believers. This brings them together for fellowship, socializing and strengthening the ties within their belief. To them, it is an easier way to identify a fellow brother in this religion. As an identity, they believe it brings them good rewards.

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