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What One Should Know About A Sikh Turban

By Lela Perkins

Sikh turban or turbans have various names like pagri, pagg, and dastar, and among several others. The names vary as per the language of the people and the area. Turbans are commonly related with Sikhism. Wearing a turban is a must among khalsa men. The terms khalsa refers to baptized gentlemen among the Sikhs. People put on pagris for several reasons.

Pagris are based on cloth winding. Some are a symbol of honor, piety, courage, and self-respect among other meanings. A member of Khalsa community who attends to their societies unselfishly is honored with a pagg. Dastars are distinct identities for different groups. Special types are worn as part a medication, particularly among people suffering from cancer and are losing hair because of medication. People living is deserts use them keep out dust from their faces.

As a sign of responsibility, the eldest son to a dead man is presented with these head cover. This is done during a pagg wearing ceremony. In this ceremony, first-born sons tie pagris in front of several people to signify their taking over of the responsibilities of their deceased fathers. It is only after this ceremony that they are recognized as the head of the family.

Some pagris signify purity and moral values. In certain communities around the globe, pagri wearers are taken for protectors of the less unfortunate. In war times, women trust dastar-wearing warriors easily as they battle for freedom for everyone including the weak in society. They are some form of liberators who are against all that is in just.

These head gears come in many styles. People of both genders can put on pagris. Those worn by children are known as rumal or patkas among other names. Among the styles worn by men include nok also known as double Patti. It a large pagri with fewer winds around the head. A nok is in form of a 6-meter cloth that is cut into two three-meter pieces. The two pieces are sewn together creating a double patti.

Both light and heavy materials can be used to make paggs. Mal mal is a very light type of pagg, which is made of very fine material. Rubia are standard weight weaves whereas viole is a lightweight weave. Domalla is a twofold length pagg of 10 or more yards in length. Patka is square shaped and is one meter in length. When it comes to styles of dastars, there is no given limitation as anyone can come with their own distinct styles.

Dastar wearers and non-wearers all over the globe are endangered either directly or indirectly. There are circumstances when non-turban wearers are targeted by certain groups, who kill or despise them. Cases involving dastar wearers getting deported or refused entrance in certain states have once been reported. Such states appear to associate turban wearers with certain terrorist groups, thus their harsh stands. To counteract these individuals should be taught about pagris to avoid such ill treatment.

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