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The Meaning Of Turban Colors

By Kate McMahon

Turban colors possess a huge amount of influence to both the spiritual and developmental aspects of a Sikh. This is because color is known to have an astounding effect on human beings. Their well being and emotions are affected by it in a big way.

Observed in the deep waters of the seas and oceans, the color blue is cool and is filled with great beauty. It forms a key role in developing trust as well as faith. In as much as it enhances verbal communication, this color also symbolizes peacefulness.

Another color that signifies sensitivity is royal blue. This color brings about beautiful ideas and thoughts, just like the deep blue night sky. Authority, honesty and being reliable are all qualities that are strongly associated with this color.

Yellow is a color that signifies the identification of oneself. It is believed to result in experiences of happiness and being filled with joy. The brain and mental system is usually calmed and it gives rise to more clear thoughts. One is able to be aware of his own life;s direction as well as gain knowledge.

The orange color is one that stirs up feelings of joy and pure bliss. It is believed that this color is capable of wiping away shocking experiences as well as trauma and bad experiences in life. It results in the enhancement of community linkages, socialization and self belonging.

White forms the largest part in the landscape of the Sikh especially where white marble has been applied in architectural buildings. It is one of the most worn colors by men and worn from this community as it believed to be composed of the whole spectrum of light. It indicates qualities of radiance, strength and purity.

Black is a color that is very much associated with being deep rooted. In the early stages, this color was worn by most people before 1922 when the Nankana Sahib massacre occurred. The color became famous among the people after the killings took place. Most of them turned to black clothes and turbans. According to them, the color gave them a sense of stability especially when they were mourning and in much anguish.

The other color that is quite common with the Sikh globally is gold. It helps in those anxious moments and helps in bringing about a feeling of happiness. When it comes to providing answers to life;s situations, this color is strongly connected to that. It is a color that enhances healing.

It would be interesting to find out how a combination of these turban colors would turn out. A person;s character and qualities can be best expressed by bringing all theses colors together. The individual will be sure of his self identity and will be aware of where he belongs. This person will be able to face all of life;s challenges and be able to solve them well. He will also be able to develop social relationships with others and will be able to take responsibilities seriously. A whole combination of these colors will definitely result in peace and happiness.

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