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The Various Kinds Of Safety Vests That Exist

By Amanda Baird

Safety vests are essential for people doing any kind of outdoor work such as construction, traffic control, fire fighting and emergency response among many other jobs. Such clothing are made of reflective material so that they can keep a person safe when working. It is also a requirement by the law that workers in a high risk environment be provided with these vests to protect them while working.

The gear come in different colors for various working places. The color also differentiates the high risk environments from the no so high risk ones. It is therefore the responsibility of companies to know the different kind of clothing so that they can allocate the appropriate ones to their employees. They should understand that such protective clothing is a necessity not an option.

These safety gears are categorized into three classes. The first one being those used by parking attendants, shopping cart retrievers among other people in environments that are not very risky. Traffic in such environments move at a speed below 25mphs and the workers can be able to see oncoming equipment or vehicle moving. The color for this class is usually lime green, yellow or orange but an employer is allowed to pick any other color.

Class 2 kind of safety clothing is used in occupations that can be affected by bad weather or where vehicles and equipment movement speed is more than 25mphs. People working in such areas perform tasks that may distract their attention from oncoming traffic or activities happening near where they work. The color of the materials here range from lime, yellow to orange and they are fluorescent. Occupations that utilize this type include traffic police, crossing guards and airport ground team.

The final type is class 3 and these are used in a highly risky environment to offer the highest visibility. The speeds usually in these occupations can be very high and workers have limited visibility because of nature of their jobs. People needed to wear this kind of protective gear include; fire fighters, paramedics, cops, road construction workers and other persons responding to an emergency situation. Vests in this group usually have long sleeves unlike the other two classes to protect arms and chest of user.

Vest color in class 3 differs for different jobs. For paramedics responding to an emergency situation, they usually wear color green material. Fire fighters wear color red safety clothing while police officers put on blue clothing. Class 3 type have a highly reflective material incorporating silver or white reflective strips on the uniform to increase visibility. Some companies are now producing LED or lighted materials to improve nighttime visibility.

For organizations or people wondering where to access this safety material, they are available everywhere. One can check in online stores or offline stores and the materials are available in wide ranges which people can choose from. As to the prices of such clothing they are affordable. Factors to guide one when choosing the most appropriate material include comfortability and safety.

To avoid any accidents that would happen if employees were not being seen, workers must put on safety vests. This improves their visibility and hence protecting them. Also productivity is increased when the employees put on such gears as they would not be constantly worrying about oncoming traffic. As an employer, this clothing must always be worn by workers before doing anything.

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