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Useful Tips On How To Turban

By Kate McMahon

Most people will identify turbans as the traditional Islamic head gear mainly worn by men in the Middle East. Strangely enough other cultures are now adopting this fashion item as a trendy accessory at parties and casual or formal gatherings. Here is a quick easy guide on how to turban for anyone who is brave enough to try it out.

The most experienced in the art of tying this garment would be those who wear it on a daily basis. If you do a search on the Internet or ask different people how to do it, you may get slightly different answers. This is because there is not only one standard way of doing it. The pattern is mostly the same but different styles may come with sight variations.

Turbans can be bought in most Eastern wear shops. They would be in the men's section as they are traditionally worn by men only. Ask the floor staff for help with regards to color and fabric. Most people prefer to use light cottons as they are nice and cool and easy to manage.

The most popular and common colors are black and white. Muslim men usually wear their turbans with a kurtha, which is the long dress worn by men of this faith. In modern culture, some Western men are now opting to wear a turban with jeans and shirt to a wedding or smart casual occasion.

Follow these simple steps on how to turban once you are ready to wear it. Make sure your shirt is already on so you will not have to put anything else over your head. The first thing is to make sure you have a tail end at the back. To do this, place the material from back to front on the top of the head, with a little tail hanging at the nape of the neck till just above the middle of the back.

Place one hand, preferably the left on top of the head to hold it in place and with the other hand hold the longer part of the garment and begin to wrap it around the head from the left to the right. Wrap it tight enough to keep it in place but make sure it is not so tight as to cause pain. You may also want to wear a cap under the head gear so the hair does not come astray.

Keep on turning the fabric around and around slightly twisting it each time to give it some style. Continue until you get to the end of the strip and tuck the end piece under a fold or pin it in place. Slowly move the head in all directions to be sure that it is comfortable and unlikely to fall off.

Many people are more and more interested in how to turban these days with it becoming a more popular form of head dress. Perhaps for a first time user, one could even ask a professional dressmaker or hairdresser to assist and once you have the hang of it you will be able to do it on your own. These useful tips should help someone who wants to know how to turban and can be supplemented with a video tutorial.

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