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What To Look For When Hiring A Celebrity Impersonator

By Paulette Short

The work of any performer is to entertain the audience. When you hire a celebrity impersonator, you should expect that they give a spectacular performance that almost equals that of the actual superstar. However, the demand for such actors has seen an increase in people claiming to be movie doubles of top celebs. You can use the tips below to avoid cons and choose someone who will give you value for your money.

Ensure the individual is well trained. One can be born as a look-alike of another, but this does not make them an elite impersonator. Looks are only second when it comes to impression. What people what is someone who can give them a type of entertainment as the actual individual. Therefore, one has to learn to walk, talk like, and behave like the person they are imitating.

Check photos. Technology has enabled people to enhance skills in Photoshop. Therefore, before you even call up the agent, look for signs of Photoshop around the face. The quantity of photos on the website will also tell you more information about the character. If there are only a few pictures and they are not close shots, then you could be dealing with con.

Ask for a video demo. Ensure that you are provided with a high-resolution product. If it is poorly produced and you can hardly see the finer details or hears the words clearly, then do not even waste your time. You may end up with someone who looks completely different from what you expected.

Watch at least three videos of past performance. Some impressionists are quite good, but they are not able to stay in character from the start to the end. If you need a performance for one hour, you have to be certain the individual can pull stunts that will entertain your guests. If it is singing or acting, they have to bring in the greatest of the real celebrity.

Search the internet for testimonials. A Known impressionist should have a huge following. You can check their websites for feedback and be sure to read as many as possible so that you can get variety in reaction. People will have different opinions, but you should concentrate on where the majority lie.

Avoid falling for frauds. Agents always try all tactics to see a deal go through. Therefore, if you suspect the agent is trying too hard to have the have the impersonator perform at your event, then knows there could be something wrong. You can ask a few random questions to see if the responses they give flow.

Ask to meet with the performer before you agree to the deal. A good agent should allow you to contact their clients for verification. You should ask the individual several questions that can give you assurance that you will get value for your money. Ask them about their experience, looks, and credentials.

Do your homework thoroughly. It will not cost you much to call around, search the internet, or even spend a few minutes with the celebrity impersonator you want to hire. If they are known, you will not face difficulties getting adequate information.

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