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All You Need To Know About Arab Turban

By Kate McMahon

It isn't true to say that only those Muslim men who are strictly religious wear Arab turban.In fact, it is worn by others who are not that religious at all. The truth is that it is more likely something belonging to their traditional values rather than religious values. When it comes to different designs and styles, the variety can be endless depending on the fact that where you actually live and what cultural values you follow.

Different regions have their own style of wearing a turban. In Arab country like Yemen, a cap called the Kalansuwa is worn under the head scarf and the color of cap may vary but usually green and white are the most commonly used colors. Whereas those who live in the country Saudi Arabia usually wear black and white or red and white checkered scarf over their head and a black or golden colored band holds it on their head.

Not all residents belonging to Muslim countries wear these head accessories but they are definitely regarded as a part of their tradition and culture. One should know that it isn't a compulsory thing rather something to do with the cultural values if an individual. Even those who don't wear it in their day to day life prefer wearing it on special occasions like Eid celebrations, Wedding days and other prestigious occasions.

The total length of the cloth used for this purpose may differ as well. For instance, Many men lean toward wearing very long turbans and generally they abandon one end of it to hang down on one of the shoulders. Their favored color is dark and they typically don't wear any sort of cap under it and just use the fabric on top of their head and wrap whatever remains of the cloth over it.

The leaders of many Arab nations are seen wearing such head gear which suggests that its a common practice among them. At the same time, the style and design of it can be slightly different as compared to ordinary ones. These specially designed turbans could be pure white or black in color and usually a golden or silver band is placed on top of the head to secure it.

Sometimes, this head accessory is worn to signify an individual's cast, standing in the society, religious belonging and cultural values. Depending on all these factors the color, style and overall look of this head accessory could be distinguished among the rest. Many individuals use it as a way to show their power and wealth in the society they belong to.

Previously, this head gear was specifically used by only those people who used to live in Arabic dessert lands. They used it as a protection against sandy and hot environment and they used to cover their heads and faces for that purpose. But nowadays people wear them everywhere and it has more or less become a cultural and traditional thing for many Arab men.

It is a true fact that when it comes to Arab turban, a lot of traditional and cultural values are related to it. Although the overall look and style may vary from person to person or from one region to another but most of the people wear it to display their overall standing in their respective society.

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