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Understanding The N95 Respirators Better

By Lela Perkins

N95 respirators are protective equipment that is worn over the nose and the mouth so as to enable the wearer to breathe air that is filtered and thus does not contain any form of contamination. These kinds of aids are also considered as the most basic as well as common form that is available in the disposable respirators segment. These masks are designed in such a way that they very efficiently filter out all the particulate matter and are discarded after their use.

Respirators can be divided into two categories. The single use disposable masks which are inexpensive and the reusable ones which have very sophisticated cartridges to filter the air. The reusable Mask respirators are known as air purifying respirators abbreviated as APR and can be further divided into two types: the full face respirator and the half mask ones.

While using these health aids, one should ensure that it is fitted perfectly to the face and the wearer gets maximum protection. Of course, one needs to perform a seal check before getting onto serious work with the respirator on. The mask of course needs to be replaced if the filter of the mask is found to be damaged, soiled or makes the wearer feel inconvenient while breathing.

When used effectively, reusable ones can be comfortable and an important part of the protective gear equipment. When a person is exposed to a workplace environment with gas or airborne material, then protection is very essential. It is necessary to understand which kind of respirator will provide the best protection. Essentially there is the Self-contained breathing apparatus, (SCBA) the Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and the Escape breathing apparatus.

These aids are good when used for occupational purposes. They are commonly used in the industrial and health setting. They should be approved by the NIOSH. There are set standards that they may attain. The standards are set by the occupational Institute for occupational safety and health. One should put into consideration the purpose of using the respirator mask.

There are 3M masks that offer great protection at all instances for adults. However, if at all children have to use these masks, on needs to ensure that there is a perfect fit. And it is mandatory that children who are aged below 3 should never use a respirator as it may choke them or suffocate them.

The performance of the respirator may depend on the kind of maintenance too and also in part on the failure to follow the instructions laid out by the instructor. When you have the respirator on, you are breathing only through the filter. So, ensure that the maintenance is up to the mark so that no particulate contaminants find their way into your system.

N95 respirators are not designed for people with facial hair. People with chronic respiratory or other medical conditions should check before wearing the mask. Wearing a respiratory masks is an effective method for reducing the chances of contracting airborne diseases and restoring good health conditions regardless of the contaminants that linger around in the work place or any other place for that matter.

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