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Three Methods In Making A Glass Jewelry

By Nita McKinney

In the previous time, those who are living as elitist were the only one who were able to stylize themselves up. Because they are the only one who can afford to buy big stoned jewels. But since several people who have been wanting to wear one in a cheaper price, the Murano glass jewelry came into the frame that helped a lot of women to stylize themselves up.

The jewels were often associated with a price tag. All because the materials used are all real. Stunning they may be but they also attract the eyes of those who have the eye for jewels. Worse, because they stole it from the owners and break it into pieces to sell in the market. Because of that, numerous persons resorted to these glass jewels which appear to be a genuine stone.

The drilled ones are probably the easiest and fastest way to make. However, they can easily crack especially when someone whose doing the labor is still new in the field. So in doing this one, the person in charge should be knowledgeable in the operation.

Say it was easiest because once it was already drilled in the most perfect way, it can be string on a necklace by using a wire. However, this wire has to be attractive and shall complement to the beauty of the stone. Otherwise it will look like the one that is seen at the gate of the house.

However, when the idea that you will be drilling seems to be out of your league, you can try another method that is known as the wire wrapped. They are easy and yet the technical skills in drilling is okay if not acquired. Plus it also preserves the material in a much longer time. Another plus, the tools that will be needed for use are relatively small.

Since it is only with the aid of wire that the stone will be held closely, it has to fit in whole perfectly. Or it has to cleave on to the wrap as tightly as they could. They have to be done in the most perfect manner, or most correct manner to avoid it from dropping. If it did, then all your hard work will be useless.

Bezeled is another method that is done in making these accessories. They are used for making settings in ceramic, glass, and stones. They are circled by a wire which was flatted out for the purpose of backing a thin sheet of metal. This is seen mostly on the pieces of flattened accessories.

However this one is not for total beginners especially because it is a more complex method. The aid of someone who is much more expert or knowledgeable has to be sought. Metal smithing skills is needed so you one has to know the nuts and bolts in the operation. Otherwise it might again crack the piece up.

Those are only some of the procedures followed by Murano glass jewelry. There are actually more but they keep it private because that is their secret in keeping their business growing. If you have no time in following the procedure, you may just visit their stores.

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