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Significance Of A Head Turban

By Amanda Baird

The head turban is a piece of cloth normally wrapped on heads of the wearers. It has significance and uses in various parts of the world. People who use them have several reasons to do so depending on their culture, religious beliefs and medical reasons. Generally, the piece of cloth is used to cover heads to keep hair clean from dust and any other form of dirt.

In Sikhism, hair gears are regarded as part of the body which wearers have. It is easy to clean beard when washing the face and hence they do cover it. It acts as part of respecting God when one covers hair when visiting temples on sacred days. Believing that God is omnipresent, there is the need to cover and maintain hair gears all the time.

People in this community also believe that the practice is a requirement from Guru. Hair of a wearer is wrapped inside a cap under the scarf. Therefore, the practice indicates respect for an individual and dedication to the Sikhism. Another belief among people from this community is that they regard it as sacred because it promotes equality among members of the community. Men wear the piece of cloth to symbolize uniformity and unity. They never cut their hair.

Muslim religious leaders use scarves for identity and commanding respect from Islam religion followers. It is worm after carefully wrapping hair in a cap. Caps are made in conical shapes, white or black color and different sizes. White color signifies holiness according to Prophet Mohammed. Islam teaches that green color is paradise.

Countries that are governed by the teachings of Islam do require nationals to use scarves as national dress. Different wrapping styles are adopted as prescribed by them and this helps distinguishing the nationals from foreigners. Members of the Taliban community, use long scarves twinned together and having loose ends on them. Loose ends rest on shoulders. Governments in such countries do provide that hats be used as alternatives for scarves.

North African tribes residing along the Saharan desert cover themselves from dust and dirt by using scarves. In the desert, it is normally windy. Tribesmen disguise themselves by covering their faces with scarves and hence they are not easily traceable by their enemies. A color used by one, makes the identity of a tribe that he hails from known.

Indian citizens on the other hand use turbans to segregate members based on their class in the society, their profession and caste. They wear them to signify wealth and power. Political leaders warp them to signify power. The mode of wrapping them is determined by the type of scarf. Styles and colors also vary from one region to another.

Jamaica has a Rastafarian movement that ties head turban on hairs. They are characterized by long dreadlocks that need to be preserved from dirt. The movement requires that, in their journey to Zion, hair should be clean. Hair gears are hand knitted and come in four main colors. Red, green, gold mostly knitted in that order and then followed by black. Patterns and embroideries made are based on taste of a user.

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