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The 6 2013 TV Shows I Recommend Are...

By Marianna Harris

You've probably seen that 2013 has given us some awesome TV shows. We've looked at the most popular shows to provide you with the top six that you ought to be watching, if you are not already. To start us off, we have Game of Thrones. George R. R. Martin's mega saga has been brought to the small screen and people can't get enough of this combination of religion, war and sex - all delivered in a medieval setting.

Scoring points with TV viewers is Breaking Bad. A show about a chemistry teacher, Water White, and his new life of crime. He turns to meth production to finance his cancer therapy, but how long can he sustain this charade, and conceal it from his friends and family?

You've also probably heard people raving about Dexter. The show is about an LA cop who murders serial killers. This morally ambiguous show gets great ratings every week.

Pretty Little Liars also remains one of the top TV shows of this year. It is based on a show of fiction by Sara Shepard and it follows the lives of teenagers who fall out following the disappearance of one of their own. Someone is threatening to spill their secrets yet they can't seem to uncover who it is.

For an elegant and classy show, it's hard to go wrong with Mad Men. Follow Peggy Olsen as she tries her best to shatter the glass ceiling in 1960s corporate America.

For a zany comedy, you simply can't fail with Parks and Recreation. Follow Leslie Knope as she tries to overcome the apathy of her less than stellar department with her zeal and keenness for Parks and Recreation.

For those who havemissed 2013 television, watch these shows and you'll be all caught up.

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