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Resourceful Information About High Visibility Safety Products

By Leticia Morton

High visibility safety products are used by people working in environments that are risky. It is a provision by the law that people working in such environments use these safety items. The items are made of highly reflective material to make such people highly visible in any condition. Some even have retro reflective strips to increase visibility and complement the coloring.

The work environments that do require people to wear safety materials include; traffic, construction, emergency response, fire fighting among other jobs. Apart from materials to be worn by workers, there are also other materials usually placed at around the work area or others placed at crime scenes among other areas. All these products also do come in various luminous colors such as; lime green, yellow, orange, red and any other color that a work environment chooses to adapt.

A common protective item known by many people are the safety vests. People normally seen putting these on include roadside workers including supervisors, cart retrievers, traffic cops, parking lot attendants, building construction workers and crossing guards. When such people put these materials on, they are easily spotted by traffic and thus cannot be harmed. It is however important to understand that the vests are categorized in three classes each representing a higher risk environment than the preceding one.

There are also other protective clothing apart from the vests. These ones are; boots, gloves, hats, jackets, pants, rain wear and many other materials. These ones are often known as personal protective clothing (PPC) and all employers should be aware of all these and provide their employers with appropriate materials.

Another product is the reflective tapes which are often used to ensure road safety is maintained. They are especially applicable during the night to reduce road accidents. They are marked on the road and because of their reflectiveness, the headlights of a car can be able to reflect them from a distance thereby guiding the driver on where the road is till destination.

There are also the collapsible traffic cones that are usually a must especially in roadside construction or any other situation that can happen while on the road. These cones ensure that everyone on the road is safe including the roadside workers, drivers and anyone on the road. Drivers are also usually urged to carry these cones and use them in emergency situations.

The other products on the list include but not limited to LED strobes, flashers and beacons, warning flags and protective batons. All of these are used on the roads especially when under construction. The LED flashers, beacons and strobes are used at night especially during emergency situations to control traffic and protect people. As for the flags, are of reflective colors to ensure normal that traffic is normal even when there is something happening on the road. The batons do the same function, but at night.

All in all, high visibility safety products do help a lot in protecting people and thereby ensuring that accidents are avoided. They are a requirement under OSHA which people should adhere to as failure to comply can lead to prosecution. For this reasons, employers in risky jobs must always ensure they comply with these requirements and also ensure that their employees do so.

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