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Basics About Black Turban Headband

By Lela Perkins

A black turban headband refers to a form of head cover that is used by Sikhs to wrap their hair as a spiritual duty. It is obligatory for all males of Sikh society to wear the headwear at always from their childhood to death. There may be exceptional cases when they can untie them. Such cases include when asleep, cleaning, or at other intimate times.

Turban headbands are known by various names in different areas. Some of them include pagris, dastars, bulles, paggs, bulles, and Punjabi. They symbolize many virtues among wearers who adhere to the teachings of the religion well. The Sikhs see it as a unique identifier for their religion, allowing them to identify with each other easily anywhere in the world.

Among pagg wearers, the headbands symbolize virtues like courage, confidence, piety, holiness and spirituality, honor, and self-respect. Wearers are considered individuals of nice morals who are trustworthy in society. In India, first-born males undergo pagri wearing ritual in which they take over home responsibilities and leadership from their dead fathers. As such, dastars also symbolize responsibility.

Baptized Sikh guys are needed to behave properly and to wrap their punjabis at all instances. They are told to abstain from bad friends, cigarette smokers, and cigarette or its smoke must never be allowed to get in contact with their hair. Hair is looked at as a very crucial constituent of the body, which should always be maintained clean. They swear to keep their hair from cigarette and other pollutants by wrapping it with a dastar.

Males who go through initiation are sprinkled with nectar on their heads, thus making them holy. It is a necessity that the hair must never be dyed, rolled, plaited, reduced, cut, or altered in any way indirectly or directly. Instead, the hair must be combed two times in a day and covered with a clean pagg. For married males, their wives should assist with tying, washing, and in maintaining the turban in elegant order at all times.

Wearing of caps, hats, or other forms of head covers is not acceptable in Sikhism. Even though the scriptures speak clearly against it, some individuals violate that rule and wear caps as a fashion. Females are allowed an option of not wearing turbans if they do not want. There is a traditional headscarf that should be worn by women. The scarf may also be wrapped over a pagg.

Turbans appear in a variety of styles and features. Different groups of people in society have their own designated styles. Warriors, kids, women, priests, men, kings, and youths have their own color shades and styles of choice. Styles and colors bear different meanings though they might also be worn to match a certain dress code or as fashion.

A black turban headband bears its own meaning in different societies. One can purchase it from any fashion store nearby. There are also many internet-based firms that sell them to customers in different regions around the globe. They usually deliver orders to nations that have established international courier services.

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