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Using The Face Changing Iphone App

By Nita McKinney

Technology development makes new things to be made day in day out. People spend all the days and nights to try and come up with these developments. They get praise from the users of these inventions. Technology is therefore being used to carry out different activities. The face changing iPhone app has some sense of humor in them.

It is only apple devices that can be able to download this application. Such devices include iPhones, iPads and iPods. It is only left for other devices as the android ones to come up with applications compatible wit their devices and similar to this one. This is because a company like apple cannot let them use their application with the main reason being competition.

One can get access to this application through iTunes. It has been made in this way since iTunes too can only be accessed through apple devices. This is also a form of security enhancement for them. Imitation is the last option for competitors. It is next to impossible for one to make an exactly similar application. This unique app along with other applications can all be found in iTunes.

This type of applications come with a variety of versions. Its main way of functioning is through photo taking then the same photos are manipulated. The photo that one has taken is given a different head from the original one. Facial orientations of women and men are played around with through interchanging them. While some find it interesting, others are amused by it. The face of a young person could as well be replaced with that of an older one.

It makes it possible to play with people's heads too. Prominent leaders could fall victim of this application as their faces could be swapped with that of a different person. The original photograph might have been taken at a pub something evident from the background. The will lie that at the pub sat that leader with them.

Another version called 'change yourself a kitty' is also available. Here one can replace their face with that of a kitty. This can be very interesting especially for the small children. They would find pleasure in just seeing their faces being a kitty while their body is human. Apple is therefore all round offering entertainment from children to their parents.

The social media is a platform for many deeds. Facebook and twitter are just examples which one can share the photos that they have manipulated. People then show some interest in the posted photos. They will make many people follow them if in case their manipulated photo is one of a celebrity. People could remain in their trap the whole of their lives just thinking that the photos are true.

It is therefore a shortcoming for the application. People have malicious intentions. The way in which the communicate may not be appealing to the people linked with them. This generates a feeling that a certain celebrity is arrogant. Their reputation is there and then tarnished. It therefore requires discipline for the face changing iPhone app fanatics.

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