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Make A Statement With Your New Red Turban

By Kate McMahon

Wearing a turban doesn't have to be related to your culture or to show your marital status any more. Although this is still very important element of numerous national costumes in various countries, red turban can be so much more today. It became more popular lately, thanks to many popular people who enjoy wearing this traditional head covering in their everyday life, expressing their individuality.

There are a few basic ways to bind a turban. If you use it just as a fashion accessory, you can choose the method of binding that you are most comfortable with. Of course, you can buy ready-made turbans, tied in a specific way, or entrust the job to a professional. In any case, this attractive accessory will freshen up your wardrobe.

All kinds of fabrics can be used for making turbans. Some of those fabrics are quite expensive, for example real silk, velvet or a fine satin. Cotton can also be used, as well as all types of synthetic fabrics. Synthetic materials are much cheaper, and they still look quite nice. Besides, they are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

In the golden age of Hollywood, famous actresses often wore expensive silk turbans, on special occasions or in combination with comfortable kaftans. Fashion always comes back, and turbans are again popular. Besides being very attractive, they are also a convenient way to cover unruly hair or a bad haircut in an easy and simple way.

Women who have lost their hair due to their illness surely appreciate this simple and effective fashion detail. It is so much more practical than a wig, and it is available in so many wonderful designs, colors and patterns. The fact that they have lost their hair shouldn't affect their sense of style, and they can still look great, in every occasion.

Men also wear them, daily or as a part of their traditional costumes. Red one is usually a part of a wedding dress, and in this case it is often quite expensive. Men usually buy them already tied, and sometimes they can be luxuriously decorated. Sometimes a few dozens of meters of the finest silk is needed for making only one of those lovely turbans.

Turban looks very attractive in different clothing combinations. Although generally associated with traditional garments like kaftan, it fits well in the urban clothing style. For example, you can wear a small, elegant dress and complete your look with a few carefully chosen pieces of jewelry. With lipstick matching colors, you will surely attract the attention.

Even a simple silk shirt will look so much better combined with this lovely fashion accessory. Find your favorite style, or create your own. You don't have to follow some rules, you are free to tie it however you want. Maybe it would be a good idea to add glittering details on it, or to decorate it with some beads, why not.

Refresh your wardrobe with a nice red turban, and you just cannot make a mistake. It will emphasize your natural beauty, cover your unruly hair and make you feel special. Make a statement and dare to be different. Don't worry, you will attract the attention and look amazingly good.

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