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What Makes Tin Haul Cowboy Boots And Clothing Different

By Amanda Baird

The western clothing and western boots market is not without a wide and varied array of makers. There are dozens of boot makers and hundreds of clothing makers ready to supply the modern cowboy with the duds he needs and wants to get the job done and to look his best when its finished. There is one maker however that is new to the market and is offering up a fresh style and a much different design to traditional western apparel. Tin Haul Cowboy Boots and western wear are for the modern urban cowboy and the difference is obvious.

Cowboy boots have been a staple of western wear for almost as long as cowboys have been around. It has been said that the cowboy boots a man puts on his feet are a sign of his true self and how he wears them and treats them are an indicator of his character and manhood. There are literally dozens of makers of western footwear, but Tin Haul is different in the fact that they not only offer high quality footwear, but also a design style that is not able to be found in any other major brand in the market today.

The main difference between what this brand offers and what other more established brands offer is night and day. Since this a relatively new brand on the market they do not have the confines of established tradition to hold them back from taking chances and pushing the envelop to help form a new western wear style that is much different than everything else available.

The footwear offered in this product line are not only inlaid on the shaft with patterns and prints but on the foot and even in many cases on the sole itself. The uppers are all high quality leather that is printed using a special process that embeds the image directly into the hide. This means that the pattern or image will not crack, peel or fade even with regular wearing.

While these may not be what one may call traditional, the men who buy them are not what one would call the traditional western wear consumer. This is western footwear for a new generation of western wear buyer who is in touch with both his western traditions and the reality of a modern urban lifestyle. Tin Haul lets this man have the best of both world, classic and hip combined.

The men are not the only ones who get to enjoy the unique and stylish western footwear offered by Tin Haul. The company offers styles for women as well. All of the popular women's footwear formats are available with a wide variety of designed prints and patterns, many are even available as matched offerings from the men's line-up.

In addition to western footwear the company also produces a line of western fashions with an upbeat and contemporary urban style. Everything from jeans to shirts and vests to accessories can be found in the company's offerings. They have even come out with a line of work-wear that is perfect for the man who wants to look as great when he is earning his paycheck as he does when he is spending it out on the town at the end of the week.

Tin Haul western wear and Tin Haul Cowboy Boots are designed with the modern urban cowboy in mind. The one of a kind patterns and prints combined with classic styling mean that today's western wear consumer will be able to have the best of both worlds. The classic fit, comfort and style of traditional western clothing with the style and flair of today's urban fashions.

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