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There Is A Magnetic New Fabric Called Electrofur

By Nita McKinney

Fewer people were wearing real fur coats due to the animal lovers and activists protesting the practice. To fill the fashion gap, manufacturers began producing coats, hats and boots out of a material that resembled real fur. It became widely popular. Now electrofur is here. It is an entirely new type of faux fur introduced that is growing in popularity among millions.

Electrofur was discovered when a white faux fur coat was accidentally dropped on top of a lighting system. One man realized that the glowing fur was an amazing sight. He was a fashion designer. He manufactured a fake fur coat that was outfitted with AA batteries enabling the coat to light up and glow in the dark. The look is similar to the popular glow sticks that children love to play with.

The public immediately took a liking to the garments made of this shimmering fabric. Coats, hats and other garments were soon made using it. They were made in prints and a wide array of bright colors. There are some with changing colors that alternate the colors much like neon signs do. These garments looked like wearable, sparkling jewelry.

Animal activists were happy because, of course, no animal hides were used in making electrofur. The fake fur manufacturers liked the extra attention their fabric was getting. Additional orders tor it kept the factories working hard to keep up. There was no one offended and many eager to wear the next shimmering garment.

Success did not just happen overnight. It took four years of effort to develop the new type of material and get it on the market. The people cannot seem to get enough of it now. The fabric is made by weaving lighting filaments right into the fake fur. The bright effect is powered by a set of AA batteries.

It is growing in popularity on a world wide basis. One example is the fashion trend in Japan to wear the glowing fur hats. All over Tokyo these hats are seen, mostly made of the print fabric. This glimmering fabric the hats are made of is even being marked as liked on Facebook.

The sparkling vests and boas put an end to the need for flashlights. They provide enough light to find car keys and cards in a purse, read a street sign and find your way home in the dark. It is always fun to discover a new fashion. It is even better if that fashion serves a practical purpose too.

The annual event called Burning Man is a place where people go to show off new inventions. In the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, tens of thousands of creative people gather once a year. The purpose of this festival is to show off new artistic concepts. It lasts one week and then all temporary structures are taken down until the next year.

Crowds gather and merge, admiring and discovering new things. It is the perfect setting to show off the new coat made of electrofur. People admired it and wanted to know where they could buy one. Afterwards, plans were initiated to produce the illuminated fake fur coats for commercial sales purposes.

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