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Why Cheap Feather Extensions Make A Good Investment

By Dawn Williams

Services businesses should always be on the lookout for new ways to bring in extra profits and hair salons are no exception. Any products that are in demand and also compliment the services sold make an excellent addition to the profit margin. Salons purchasing cheap feather extensions enjoy providing both a service and product in high demand.

Feathers are popular for a good reason. They have been adorning human beings for thousands and thousands of years. They are without a doubt one of the oldest methods used to add beauty to hair, clothing and other items. In quite a few areas today there are still ceremonies that make feathers an important part of the activity. So as you can see it is no wonder people today still love them.

When worn in the hair these decorative items are held in place by a clamping wire. It is positioned so that it is not too close to the scalp to minimize discomfort. It must be positioned correctly for it to look right so most people choose to have their favorite hair dresser to install them.

These feathers can take quite a bit of washing and styling without any loss of color. They can be treated just like surrounding hair as long as they are not subjected to prolonged intense heat. Shampoos and conditioners are okay to use, but care should be taken with hair coloring as the feathers will take on coloring too.

One of the reasons they are so appealing is that they are a totally natural way to add special highlights and bright colors to hair. No harsh chemicals or painful processes are used to secure them in place. They are ideal for any age group since they are so harmless. Children especially love them and parents are usually agreeable because of the safety and beauty of these items. Another plus for everyone is they are essentially carefree. Just treat them like regular hair.

The styles available to be made with feathers are unlimited due to the assortment of lengths and colors. The mixing and matching of the colors and lengths allows anyone to create a perfect look for any occasion. For those who like to draw attention the bright colors are perfect, while the more demure may want a soft highlight effect. Either way, the perfect look can be accomplished.

You can get decorative feathers in synthetic and natural varieties. Some people may want the synthetics as they also come available with glitter and shiny stone adornments. If given the choice most customers will pick the one that suits their current mood or situation. The brighter colors are great for proms and parties while the gentle highlights given by subtle colors are great for anytime.

Salon owners know that to be competitive you cannot ignore the latest fashion trends. When you purchase a good sized supply of cheap feather extensions you will be able to make your customers happy and tickle your wallet at the same time.

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