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Information On How To Tie A Turban For Women

By Cathy Mercer

Wearing of turbans among women is fast becoming popular as people want to bring that ethnic and eccentric look. Also such head gears can help hide bad hair fashionably. That is why many ladies want to know how to tie a turban for women in order to look differently.

To begin the different styles of tying this head gear is the riveter wrap. Folding a square scarf diagonally, a person places the long edge of material at the nape of the neck. Then taking both ends of the scarf an individual brings them to the front and makes a light knot. A piece will be hanging at the back which is then pulled forward with hair gathered in it then inserted under the bind, after which knot is tightened.

A forehead wrap is the other way of tying this material. One can have her hair to the back or tied in a ponytail. The individual will then take a square scarf, fold it to a diagonal half. A long triangle will be created and one lines the straight age of triangle along the forehead. The rest of the cloth will hang to the back after which one will take the ends of the scarf and make a strong know at the back of head.

Yet a common style is head band wrap. This can be done in two ways. The first one involves tying the hair in a low braid and strapping the material around base of pony in a single knot. The second way involves folding the clothing to form a band which is then tied around the head forming a bow.

There is also the crown style where one uses a rectangular material or a square scarf folded diagonally. The folded edge of clothing is placed along the forehead with one side of fabric longer on the side than the other. The sides are then pulled backwards and twisted one over the other forming a thick band which is spiraled around the head like a crown. On finishing, the twisted end is tied with the first end at the nape of neck.

A famous way of wearing turbans is the African gele usually done by women from West Africa. Here they use special clothing but the ordinary scarf can work. The scarf should be folded forming a width of 6 inches and then it is wrapped over the head. One side should be longer than the other. The ends should then be tied over the other to create a bow at the front.

Rosette wrap is the final way of tying the gear. This one uses rectangular scarf folded diagonally with the long edge lined on the forehead. Both the ends of the cloth are then taken to one side of the head and then tied into a strong knot. The ends will hang and one takes one end, twists and spirals it around the knot. The same is also done to the other end thus forming a rosette. Tips of material are then tucked or held with a pin.

This information on how to tie a turban for women provides the different ways one can tie this head gear. To learn these styles is easy though it requires practice to make perfect. One should have few bright colored and patterned scarves for different looks.

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