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Finding A Bowed Psaltery For Sale

By Krystal Branch

Psalteries have been around since ancient times, producing their hauntingly beautiful sounds. The earliest ones consisted simply of a board and strings. Later ones had a hollow box and metal strings. What many people are unaware of is how easy these instruments are to play compared with many others and the fact that many people still enjoy playing them today. An internet search will show just how many of them on offer, often beautifully made by skilled craftsmen. If you are looking for a psaltery for sale, this is an easy way to find one.

As with any instrument, one can be built quite simply but the more intricate ones take much skill. First and foremost, the craftsman has to have a good knowledge of working with wood. The item has to be solid enough to withstand pressure and one must be able to hold it comfortably. Secondly, musical understanding is also necessary. Some artistic talent helps too with decorating of sound holes and choosing types of wood that look good together.

Bowed psalteries are triangular in shape. The strings run down both sides and it is bowed one string at a time. Modern versions are fully chromatic with the strings on the right side like the white keys on a piano and those on the left side like the black keys.

Handcrafted items are always more expensive as they require skill and take time to make. If you want to buy one of these instruments, make sure that you buy from a reputable source. You do not want to purchase an item that does not make the right sounds or pulls apart when used.

Many different types of wood are used in making these instruments and this can affect the sounds created and how long it lasts. The top has to be light to enable vibrations from the strings to reach the body whereas the frame has to be solid. For example, an instrument may consist of a spruce soundboard with rosewood back and sides.

Each string on the instrument begins at a hitch pin, runs over a bridge of wood running across the top and then round a tuning pin at the base. The tuning pins are used to tighten or loosen the strings. The spacing of hitch pins is one of the factors determining the sound produced. A string must have exactly the right vibrating length or it can easily snap.

The sound hole of the instrument is usually decorated. Typically, if it is a pattern or carving inside the sound hole, it is considered a rose. If anything is inlaid around the sound hole it is called a rosette. Most suppliers of these items offer the customer several choices of design.

If you are looking for a psaltery for sale, an online search reveals what is available. You can compare different designs and prices to find one most suitable for you. Many offers include items such as a bow and a tuning wrench as well as a carrying case. It is easy to find sheet music online for these instruments and some suppliers even include simple instructions on how to play as part of a package deal.

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