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Are My Architectural Photos Any Good?

By Kirby Alltop

When you consider the work of a Singapore interior photographer, you can say that it can be very challenging yet rewarding as well. Also known as architectural photography, interior photography is primarily about taking photos of indoor spaces. You can expect your camera lens to be pointing towards the different rooms and features of a building and it is your job to make them look stunning.

Since interior photography involves working in an indoor space, there are specific equipment needed to ensure that you get the results you need. Ideally, you would need a wide-angle camera lens to capture as much area as possible with the limited space you have. Choosing a good light source is also critical to ensure that you end up with a good exposure and that the colors are accurately displayed.

By shooting indoors, you will most commonly be working with natural light and this might not always allow you to shoot using high shutter speeds, so therefore having a tripod is necessary to make sure that your images will be sharp while using low shutter speeds. You can also use reflectors to illuminate areas of the room that receive less light.

There are also times when a Singapore interior photographer can decide to use strobe or flash lighting at times when natural light is still not enough. However, you may need to use umbrellas or reflectors to tone down harsh light that come from strobe or flash. To make things simpler, you should try to use natural lighting as much as possible since it is soft and diffused.

As with any other area of photography, composition is also very important for any Singapore interior photographer. Since it is not always possible to photograph the entire room, you may want to determine the most interesting part of the room. You should pay close attention to objects in the room that can serve as excellent foreground and background elements.

One important characteristic that any Singapore interior photographer must have is creativity. You should feel free to work with different angles and heights, shoot in portrait and landscape modes, and make use of various objects to frame the room or any of your subjects. Coming up with your own shooting style can also help in improving your craft.

In taking photographs of people, it is not uncommon to prep up the person by getting some hair and makeup done, and the same can be done with architectural photography. The room to be photographed must be organized properly and be free of any clutter. Any unnecessary objects in the photo can be distracting and might cause it to have a distasteful look.

If you want to be successful as a Singapore interior photographer, you should be able to come up with ways to demonstrate the character and personality of the room you are shooting. The photos you take ideally should have a story to tell, just like any other photographs. You should also experiment with striking details and patterns that a room has to come up with more dazzling photos.

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