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The Charm Of Pointed Stiletto Shoes For Sale

By Serena Price

Pointed Stiletto shoes For Sale are a major money making business. Many companies have integrated this and hence have engaged in the production of these feet wear. They have tried to reduce the production process to maximize on the profits. The high demand in the markets for this feet wear has attracted many companies.

These feet wear come in an array of colors. The color could be black, red or even white bearers prefer to have the color of the footwear matching with the general dressing. The feet wear come in a variety f sizes. Hence, it is not a wonder to find small girls dressed in them. Manufacturers have worked t make them convenient for their bearers.

Theses feet wear are used to grace many occasions as well as events. The fact that they come in a wide variety of colors favors the bearer to choose which to wear. The bearers often match the dresses with these feet wear.They may also want to color block.

Owing to their high demand, many companies have started to produce these feet gadgets. All these companies manufacture these feet gadgets through a basic process. The outline is drawn by the fashion designers of the company. In their outline, they will include the size, the length of the heel and the color of the final footwear. They also include models and clients in this exercise by getting views from them . They sieve through the ideas and finalize on others.

These feet gadgets have a general outlook. They have a wide base and a long heel. The length of the heel is still determined by the fashion designers. After the design is created, it is handed to the manufacturers. The manufacturers will ensure the material used to make the feet gadgets is assembled. The material used could be leather or rubber. Leather is preferred in most occasions because it is long lasting.

The blue print is fed to the specialized widgets. The first type of machines will come up with the upper part of the foot wear. The second type of machines will develop the sole of the foot wear. The process of making the ole is longer than the one used to make the upper part of the foot wear. This is because the sole requires a lot of modification as compared to the upper part. Once the sole and the latter are produced, they are fixed together by thread. The threading is repeated a number of times to ensure that they are closely fixed.

Glue is thereafter applied to the both parts. The application of glue is the shortest process. After this, the feet gadgets are packaged are ready for the markets. They are sold to domestic as well as international markets.

Pointed Stiletto shoes for sale continues to be the source of income for many companies. The high demand ensures that their production is continuous and all season. The designers in this field have also thus gained market amongst many people.

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