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The Life Of Lindsay Merbaum

By Krystal Branch

In the world of literature and poetry, there is one name that would stand out and that name is none other than Lindsay Merbaum. She is one of the best writers that came from the land of New York City and still continues to entertain many readers up until today. For those who are interested in her, check this short biography about her life.

Now as for her formal education, she studied a Masters in Fine Arts under the degree program of Fictional writing when she was twenty four years old. It was also during this time that she started working on her many writing projects like journals or articles. In fact, it was during her stay in college that she was able to snag a Himan Brown Award for one of her short stories.

After finishing her MFA, she decided that she wanted to try to get into the field of education by trying to land a job as a teacher. Now when she traveled to Ecuador, she was able to get a job as a teacher in one of the known universities in the town that is known as Quito. In Quito, she was taught how to speak Spanish and how to teach students of the tertiary and the collegiate level.

While she was there, she also learned all about the South American culture and a lot about the way life functions in that part of the world. Now she stayed in Ecuador for four years and made a lot of literary works during her stay there. One of her works was based on the wife of a very jealous farmer whom she knew when she lived in Quito.

Eventually, she moved out of Ecuador in the year 2010. She relocated to California wherein she started her very first book which is known as Gold. She stays in San Francisco where she was editing and making all of the necessary adjustments to her very first book before the publication.

She is definitely known as a very talented writer in the field of fiction and is also known as a superb educator for the high school and collegiate level. Even though she specializes in making fictional tales, she can also write informative works as well such as journal articles. She loves to write about anything that has to do with either human rights, environmentalism, or wellness.

One of her assets in the world of writing is her skill in conducting research. Because of her superb research skills, she was tasked to do a lot of the academic papers in the university that she worked in. With her superb writing skill and research skill, she was able to really contribute to the university that she worked in at that time.

So if one is a writer who would want to make it big in the future, then he would find miss Lindsay Merbaum to be an inspiration. She is a writer who is extremely passionate and is someone who knows what she is good at. She is definitely someone who a lot of young writers may look up to.

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