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Interesting Instrument Options For Your Child

By Madeleine Bridgeman

Most children look forward to their last few years in primary school because it is during this time that they will be able to choose a musical instrument to play. Many studies have shown that music education greatly enhances academic performance; however, some children would rather learn how to play an instrument that is not available for instruction. So in this case, you will want to consider attending a music school.

For example, if your child is interested in learning how to play the guitar, private lessons are a must. If you have a younger child, you might begin by learning on a smaller size acoustic guitar or perhaps a ukulele. Older children might be very enthusiastic about learning how to master the electric guitar or even the bass guitar.

The piano is another instrument that children cannot learn at school, so if they wish to pursue the piano, you will have to go the private route. Your child also might be interested in taking keyboard lessons, which would include the basics you would learn during piano lessons, as well as learning all of the extra features available on an electronic keyboard.

If you don't mind the bustle of practice time, learning how to play the drums can be great fun for a child with a good sense of rhythm. Children can learn percussion instruments at school, including bass drums, snare drums, symbols and other important parts of the percussion section. But if you are hoping to play like Ringo Starr, Lars Ulrich or Keith Moon, you'll need to find a private teacher at a local rock music school to truly learn how to keep the beat. Students are typically very enthusiastic about private drum lessons because they get to accompany songs they really love rather than what the school music instructor selects.

Of course, there are plenty of wild instruments that your child might want to learn. Perhaps he or she wishes to learn the accordion or the mandolin or autoharp. In addition, your child might wish to take vocal lessons or perhaps songwriting lessons or classes in music production. In this case, you will need to find a music school that offers these types of lessons, such as Los Rios Rock School in San Juan Capistrano.

If you need San Clemente music lessons, Dana Point music lessons or perhaps Laguna Niguel music lessons, Los Rios Rock School is nearby and offers private lessons in virtually any instrument you can imagine, as well as voice lessons and songwriting classes. Students not only enjoy a weekly one-hour lesson, the tuition also includes an actual rock band experience. The students form bands and perform at popular Orange County venues such as the House of Blues or Stillwater or the Coach House.

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