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Discover An Elvis Tribute San Francisco Natives Enjoy

By Krystal Branch

Not many entertainers are able to attain the kind of legendary status that Elvis Presley did in his lifetime. Each year, hundreds of thousands travel to Memphis, Tennessee to see the mansion that was once home to the performer called 'the King'. Even if it is no longer possible to experience the real icon's live energy, there are impressive impersonators who create believable reproductions of Presley's performance style. When you need nostalgic entertainment for an event, an Elvis tribute San Francisco residents rate highly should be easy to find.

What is it about the King that inspires such loyalty in his most loving fans? Perhaps it was his low vocal register, the come-hither sound that can be heard on his famous track, 'Heartbreak Hotel'. Perhaps what people found most appealing was his sexual stage persona, and his unique performance style. Whatever attracted people to the man, his fame continues and it is thus no surprise that singers who are able to recreate some of the singer's performance theatrics and sex appeal enjoy impersonating the vocalist and guitarist.

Different things may be expected of staged tributes versus private performers for hire. A big theatrical spectacle will have a set list of songs, whereas when you pay a performer to provide entertainment you should be able to request certain songs from the King's catalogue. Whether you love 'Return to Sender' or are more of a 'Hound Dog', a singer who has learned most of the star's greatest hits should be flexible.

If you choose to obtain the services of an impersonator for your private or corporate event, make sure that you see the performer first-hand. A credible act will not only resemble the King but will have an assortment of costumes that breathe life into a performance. It is also wise to use a professional who has positive testimonials.

A lone impersonator who will mingle with guests is one thing, but a good singer who has a full backing band is able to provide the full tribute experience. There are many rock legends who have sold millions of records, but many of these musicians would not have gone so far without a talented band helping them to shine.

Skilled private performers who are available for intimate events can be found easily, but when you are planning a larger concert and intend to attract thousands of people it is wise to use a performer who is respected in SF's entertainment industry. An act who has already established a good reputation will bring more attendees to your concert.

Presley was not simply an immensely popular musical performer, but also had some success acting in musical comedies. A gifted impersonator, like Presley himself, has the voice and the stage presence to keep audiences transfixed.

When you want to be 'All Shook Up', an Elvis tribute San Francisco natives trust can provide endless entertainment. Performers who have studied Elvis in detail and have his voice, mannerisms and stage persona memorised can easily be found and booked online, and there is a professional for every kind of event, large or small.

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