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The Monuments Men Movie Is Worth Watching

By Jaclyn Hurley

It is not often that a new film open that has an all star cast, a great storyline and wonderful locations. Yet the Monuments Men movie has managed to do all three. The iconic George Clooney is the driving force behind the entire project. Not only did he take the starring role, but also directed and co wrote the film.

Set in 1943, at the height of the second world war, the story is based on historical facts. All the names have been changed but the viewer is still watching the lives of real people as they lived and died in a quest to track down some of the greatest works of art in history.

During the Nazi occupation of many European countries many officers began to take art treasures. This included priceless paintings, sculptures and much more. By 1943 it was widely known that on Hitler's orders massive number of valuable treasures had been taken. Some were heading for the Fuhrer's own collection, others to his planned museum in Linz and others to the private collections of his officers including the head of the Luftwaffe Hermann Goering.

The main character of the movie played by Clooney begins to understand that by the time the war is over Europe will be left with very little of its art treasures. In fact, the entire face of Western Civilization could be lost. He approaches the US president for permission to set up a special team of treasure hunters. In collaboration with the British the team heads to occupied Europe and begins their work.

The race to save the art works became even more intense when the allies realized that Hitler had issued a Nero Decree, stating that in the event of his death or if Germany were to fall, all the gathered treasures were to be destroyed. At the same time the Soviet Union is also in the hunt for treasure as a means of war reparations for the damaged caused to them by Germany.

The movie has been praised for its excellent scenes and locations. To keep things as authentic as possible much of the film was shot on location in Europe. Audiences can enjoy scenes set at historically accurate British air force camps. Every effort has been made to maintain the seriousness of the message, whilst adding a little humor and some great actors.

The film does an excellent job of shedding light on a typically forgotten aspect of the war. It is based on true events and characters. It also shows younger audiences that art and history do matter. The poignant ending is very well done and leaves the audience with plenty of food for thought.

The screen play was developed from Robert M. Edsel's excellent book that told the true story of the real treasure hunters during the war. It is the perfect opportunity for viewers to learn about one of the forgotten aspects of war. It also does a good job of showing the fate of many Jewish people at the hands of the brutal Nazi regime.

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