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Interesting Facts About Nelson Mandela

By Alex D White

Mandela is among the most well known African presidents who took the shortest term of office as a president. He is known to be among the many Africa presidents who spent much of their life in detention. Right here are great and interesting facts people should know about Nelson Mandela.

Mandela won numerous awards and honors during his life span. He was an honorary citizen of Canada, an honorary member of Manchester United and honorary member of British Labour Party. There are also numerous places that were identified after Mandela such as an orchid (Paravanda Nelson Mandela), nuclear particle (the Mandela particle) and a prehistoric woodpecker (the Aistralopicus nelsonmandelai).

Mandela was kicked out of school when he was studying in Fort Hare University when he tried to participate in a protest. Nevertheless, few years later Mandela joined Unisa University where he completed his degree. Mandela as well took his law degree in Wits University later in his life.

Mandela is known to have been housed in a cell size of 2M by 2.5M when he was in prison. The room is known to contain only a bedroll on the floor and a bucket for sanitation. During his term in prison, he was consigned to very difficult jobs in the lime quarries. Mandela was also only allowed to receive letters and visitors after every six months.

Mandela rejected the offer by the apartheid government to release him more than six times. This was always followed by a quote that, even though he cared for his freedom, he as well cared for the freedom of his people. Just to mean that he could not accept their offer while the people party ANC was still banned.

United Nations exclusively declared the birthday of Mandela as a celebration day. After the UN declared the 18th of July the day Mandela was born an international celebration day, it has always been celebrated as a great international day. It is only the name of Mandela that was declared an international celebration day by the UN.

Other amazing facts about Mandela explain of his escape when he was being searched when he tried to fight for independence. For example, Mandela pretended himself to be a security guard in a mine, a chef boy and a chauffeur. Mandela also tried to change his name to David Motsamayi when he was trying to leave South Africa to other parts of Africa and England.

Through the life of Mandela he has had various quite interesting facts. Above are some of the main facts known about Mandela most of which revolve around his life during and before he was a president in South Africa. To add to all these interesting facts about Mandela, he is known to have made lots of efforts to ensure he changed South Africa from what it was during that time to a better state where its residents could live peacefully and with all their rights protected by the constitution.

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