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Brain Boosting Activities That Kids Love

By Madeleine Bridgeman

If you are searching for ways to improve your child's academic success or just wish to improve their ability to think, reason and solve problems, there are many ways to achieve this goal. Children's grades and test scores tend to improve if they get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise, but there are also some additional activities that you can add easily to their schedule that have been shown to have important benefits.

One activity that studies have shown to improve thinking skills, verbal skills and even arithmetic skills, is chess. Chess also seems to help ward off the development of dementia in older adults, so this is a skill with lifelong benefits. Academic Chess is a company that provides easy, fun chess instruction to elementary-age children and older, and many schools have after-school Academic Chess classes. This can be a great way for your child to learn chess and socialize with other children that share their interests.

If you are searching for an easy way to improve brain function while enjoying more time with your children, consider establishing a weekly or bi-monthly game night. There are tons of board games out there to suit a child of any age, and most of them teach highly important skills. For instance, games such as Balderdash, Scrabble and Apples to Apples help improve verbal skills and vocabulary skills. Yahtzee, Pay Day and Monopoly improve math skills as well as teaching strategy. Jigsaw puzzles and games such as Boggle improve spatial reasoning. Of course, another benefit is that someone always wins and someone loses, so your children can develop into good sports or perhaps gracious winners.

You might think of Legos as only a colorful toy, but these plastic blocks are much more than a simple plaything. Children boost their creativity and improve their fine motor skills by playing with Legos. Even problem solving can become easier when you play with Legos. Your community or school might even have low-cost weekly Lego classes where children can work together to build structures and machines, and there are even Lego camps to help fill up those long summer months.

There are many benefits your child can derive from music lessons, and students who play an instrument have been shown to have better grades and higher tests scores than children not involved in a music program. Developing discipline and improving spatial skills and even math skills are other reasons why you might consider opting for music lessons. There are dozens of instruments to consider, from popular instruments such as clarinet, flute and violin to more rock-oriented instruments such as the guitar, drums or keyboard. Whether you want to learn a traditional instrument or something a bit more unusual, Los Rios Rock School has teachers that can provide top-notch instruction.

Los Rios Rock School differs from many other music schools because the students can play in actual student rock bands. These bands play at local Orange County venues such as the House of Blues, Stillwater and the Coach House. So, if you need Dana Point music lessons, San Clemente music lessons, Laguna Niguel music lessons or San Juan Capistrano music lessons, consider calling Los Rios Rock School and taking a tour of the facilities.

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