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Simple Special Effects Used On Popular Movies

By Rino Salante

If you are always watching movies and television shows, you will find things that are very hard to explain like people who are flying or tragedies and other phenomenon that looks very real. These are physically impossible, but when it comes to movies, everything is possible with the use of Special Effects.

If you will compare the special effects in the past and the ones used in the present, there is definitely a huge difference because the SPFX used today is almost very natural. It is like you are watching real person fly and tragedies happen. This is the reason why almost a lot of movies are using this kind of effects, though it is very expensive. So what are the common special effects used in movies to make it look real?

The Use of Flying Effects

Well, this kind of effect is often used on movies with superhero themes. Nowadays, these kinds of themes have been really popular with the advent of Superman, Ironman, Thor, The Avengers and more. Though it is a very old type of special effect, it is very important for almost any kind of movie. Everyone loves movies where there is flying involved.

Supernatural Powers

Supernatural powers are physically impossible and no one has ever used any unnatural things through the use of their human bodies, but in the movies, this is possible. With the use of pure special effects, any actor can release any kind of element or supernatural moves in a swing of their hand. If you will try watching them behind the cameras, they are not even releasing anything, but everything will change when they are already editing the movie.

Deaths of Casts

Most people say that the deaths on movies are considered an art because of the way they are killed. This is very true on Saw and Final Destination. However, you cannot really say that the actors are being killed in real life, though they look like they are really killed in the movies. This is kind of trick produced by special effects.

Natural Phenomenon

This is definitely the most amazing effects used on movies because they can create storms, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and more without actually filming a real tragedy. All of these are possible with the use of special effects and through the expertise of the providers like Pollard Productions Rigging. You have to remember that these tragedies are not really happening and they are only created through the use of these special effects.

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