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By Jaclyn Hurley

Art has a very deep catch on the interests and likes of people. Basically, each person is inclined to a different form of art because each has their own place in it. This interest accommodates a wide range of categories and it is not hard to find your place. Its major forms are music, literature, dance and the performing arts.

There is a quote that says it is anything that signifies beauty. Others might not agree to this, but this is indeed a fact. It is because it is the expression of ones self or interest. In fact, there is another quote that supports this and it says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Because of this, there are a lot more different forms that is unique to the person having the interest and you can include curvy girl art in that.

When it comes to admiring women, there are a lot of standards that one can associate. This even varies from one culture to another. However, the most general attraction above anything else is the female body. Just see how many are faithfully watching the Miss Universe pageant. You can see both men and women alike.

Each has a different view about this though and it all has something to do with attraction. For women, they use it as a source of inspiration while for men, they take it as an entertainment. It is not only women who have attractive features, men also have. It is just that the curves draw more attention.

Even if you look at structures of a building, you will find edged corners neat and elegant but certain architectural designs that are curved and round in shape are eye popping. This goes the same with the human form. The very main idea here is that curves stand out and creates an alluring atmosphere. With this, the female body became a source of aesthetic pleasure and sexual attraction.

With this, curvy arts have been derived. Basically, this craft portrays the aesthetic beauty of the feminine structure. It gives the viewers a closer look of the bold presentation. If you remember, the scene in the movie Titanic where Jack drew a nude Rose depicts a curvy girl craft.

What is new with this craft is that it portrays a more modern and informal approach. It presents sketches, pictures and paintings and most of them are in a comical form. This is to give more options for the viewers and to give them the avenue to choose what they prefer.

This is why women also dream of having a perfect form. It is because this way, they can attract the opposite sex more. However, men also have different perceptions of what is attractive and what is not. Some may prefer skinny ones from stout ones while others might prefer the other way around. It really just depends on the person. Because of this, there is no standard as to what beauty is.

The same works with style. Everything about beauty is subjective. With this, curvy craft presents all types of women forms to cater the wide opinion and ideas of viewers.

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