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Support Truth By Wearing Kush Friendly

By Jaclyn Hurley

Kush friendly is not only a brand that stands for quality, but also for truth in the battle against the wrongful bans on Marijuana the world over. Many researchers have shown that in a relatively short period in America since 1936, the scientific and social foundations of the ban changed radically, amounting to nonsense shortly after each change. These changes are interesting because they refer to the phenomenon where the talk is about the survival of the culture of the ban.

A detailed overview of these old discussions in Geneva was initially discussed. Later, it was realized that they do not matter. What matters is that the ban is maintained, and that people may assume that certain goals are achieved. The people fighting against this wrong make attempts to formulate what this ban targets.

The core of the argument is that cannabis prohibition has a status that is free from rational and functional assessments. Cannabis prohibition is the reason for its own existence, and fulfills spiritual needs of a different nature than that for which it was founded. It is important to keep scientific facts in mind when discussing the issue.

You can ask European researchers across the pond to answer why cannabis is prohibited in their countries by the main bodies of their national enforcement systems. They will all reply, in very interesting ways, try it for yourself. The Swedish do it because cannabis is seen there as a stepping stone to other drugs, because it fosters apathy, and they have even accused the plant of causing schizophrenia. They believe that it can cause dependence, and various levels of psychosis.

The English tend to be was much shorter in their answer to being asked why prohibition continues with them, simply not wishing to get into details. None of them, not even the smartest can claim that their statements are scientifically tenable. They just simply say that cannabis is 'just bad' for people, in all sorts of ways, and also widely seen as a step towards the use of other drugs.

There are similarities and differences between the responses various authorities will give you. The story about cannabis as a source of violence is only to be found in England and the USA. Of all the stories provided by the authorities, scientifically speaking, every one is either incorrect or highly questionable.

The more mundane aspects of the ban also need some contemplation. The example of organizations that benefit from the culture of cannabis prohibition comes from ongoing research into cannabis arrests in New York by Harry Levine. His thesis is that the driving force behind the arrest of large and growing number of people for the possession of cannabis in the city of New York is not the use of cannabis, or any possible increase in risks for local police.

In the early days of the ban, in the thirties, cannabis was constructed in the United States of America as a cause of violence, rape and sexual perversion, in the sixties, cannabis was constructed as one of the foundations of cultural rebellion of that era. Cannabis became blamed as a major cause of 'dropping out', the lack of enthusiasm for the dominant American culture of consumption. When you are forced to consume, do so by buying garments that prove you believe in truth and lighting up.

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