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A Short Overview Of Kush And Its Uses

By Jaclyn Hurley

Cannabis is and always has been a subject of considerable controversy. Millions of people feel that it is a medicinal herb that is neither dangerous nor addictive. Many studies have been done but there is no clear consensus regarding the value of the plant. In some places of the world Cannabis or Kush, as it is also known, is legal but in many other parts of the world it is illegal to grow, use or sell it.

Nobody denies the fact that Cannabis, which originates from Central and East Asia, has many uses other than that of recreational drug. It is this use of the plant that causes so much debate. However, the plant is also used to create a particularly strong fiber called hemp. It also has a very long history as a medicinal plant. It is said to cure or relieve many different diseases.

One of the most common uses of Cannabis as a medical herb is to help patients receiving chemotherapy to battle nausea and vomiting. Several studies have concluded that that using the herb is more effective than using the standard prescription medicines which can lead to unpleasant side effects such as altered moods, dizziness and even hypotension. Cannabis stimulates the appetite and is therefore also often given to patients suffering from HIV.

Cannabis is also commonly used for relieving chronic pain, including pain resulting from rheumatism. It is also interesting to note that Marijuana has been approved in ten countries for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Patients report fast and significant relief from spasticity. A number of studies have found that the use of Cannabis for these patients will not lead to problems with tolerance or addiction.

Hemp has also been used widely as part of the religious ceremonies of various cultures. The Jushi culture, for example, has been using it at least 2700 years ago. Many graves of this period have been found to contain substantial quantities of Marijuana. In modern times, the Rastafarians adamantly persist that they need Cannabis in order to practice their religion.

Among the many ways in which Marijuana can be consumed, smoking and vaporizing remains the most popular, probably because it is easy and it does not require extensive preparations. Many people prefer to vaporize the useful parts of the plant and to then inhale the fumes that are produced. Others prefer to smoke it like a cigarette or by using a pipe or similar device.

There are many other ways in which to consume Marijuana. Eating it is extremely popular. Cookies and other foods containing Cannabis can be enjoyed in company because it is virtually free of the smell released when it is smoked and many people belief that the smoke contains some harmful elements. It is also possible to prepare a tea, although this is said to be an inefficient way of using it.

People have strong opinions regarding Cannabis, either in favor or against. Critics say that it is a dangerous drug that can cause addiction and that will alter the personalities of regular users. Those in favor say that it is a natural herb that is not dangerous but that it actually offer many benefits.

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