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Reasons To Be A Member Of A Christian Church In Fort Lauderdale

By Judy Sullivan

The house of God is always a place of hope, love, compassion and freedom. The sanctuary is the only place where humankind can see the real beauty of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. A Christian church in Fort Lauderdale is a place to meet with God and even though He is unseen, is always there to listen to His children and answer them.

This is a place of prayer; the only means through which you can reach to God and make Him know the desires of your heart. Jesus in His own very word said to people in the hearing in Jerusalem that the house of His Father in heaven would always be a house of prayer. When you make the house of prayers your friend, you will realize how much easy it is to become a friend of God.

The house of the Lord is a place of praise. God wants human beings to praise him with fullness of joy. According to King David, the Lord will always dwell in the praises of His people. According to Jesus, should human beings stop crying in shouts of praise, the stones would assume the responsibility of giving praises to the Lord God.

The sanctuary is a place of worship and it is easy to see this from the words of Jesus Himself. According to Him, God is a spiritual being and therefore true worshipper must always worship in spirit and in truth. The members that teach in the house of God should therefore give emphasis to people to worship God in truth and in spirit.

The house of the Lord is the only place humankind can learn how to prepare for the second coming of Jesus. Being in the house of the Lord actually helps you to create a strong connection with him in the sense that you renew your faith on a daily basis. It is this faith that will keep you moving on until the time of the second coming of Jesus.

Members in the congregation who are dedicated to working for God in truth and in spirit should always give partnership a higher priority. This important aspect will make it easy for people in the sanctuary to take the gospel to regions beyond the establishment of the church. Essentially, the body of Christ must take the great commission with utmost seriousness because it is the desire of Jesus, as He said before completing his mission that no one who hears about Him would perish but have everlasting life.

The church is a place to teach the young people on how to become good evangelists. Young people are the best to send out there to share the message of the cross because they can act as a good example to other young men and women out there that there is happiness when you are in Christ. Before sending them out, however, they need proper training so that they do not fall away.

The other reason to join a Christian church in Fort Lauderdale is to help you become a good reader of the word of God. When you read the bible every day, you get an understanding of who God really is and His desires for human beings. You know His plan for you and what He wants you to do.

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