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A List Of True Medical Miracle Stories

By Marissa Velazquez

There are so many cases of fatal accidents that happen to ordinary people wherein they would still survive even though it may seem impossible. A lot of medical miracle stories would sound unbelievable because medical science dictates it to be. However, there are so many cases that would actually prove to normal humans that miracles are still definitely possible.

Probably one of the earliest stories came from a railroad construction foreman by the name of Phineas Gage who had a railroad project in the year 1848. While he was working on the railroad, an explosion made one of the railroad bars force its way to his cheek and drove itself inside, Through a miracle, he did not die but he did have a few seizure attacks throughout his life.

A very amazing story would be that of Supratim Dutta wherein a large iron bar got shoved into his chest when he hit a barricade riding in his car. The amazing thing here is that even though it hit him, the iron bar missed out the vital organs. After the doctors removed the bar, he was able to make a full recovery.

Now there are also some cases where brain dead individuals who are not supposed to wake up would suddenly regain consciousness because of modern medicine. Now one man was in a vegetative state for around six years until a doctor implanted electrodes into his brain. Because of the electric charge of these things, he was able to spring awake again as if nothing happened.

Another similar incident was from Josh Villa who was also in a brain dead state but for three years. Now at that time, the treatment that was used was called transcranial magnetic stimulation instead of the electrode treatment. This immediately shocked his brain and woke him up from his deep sleep although the only thing that he can do is talk as his body still cannot move the same way that it used to.

A kid named Nicholas Holderman was another miracle case wherein he was supposed to become blind but did not. While this kid was playing, he fell down and had his eye stabbed by a key that came from a set of keys. After he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors were able to pull the key out of his eye and he was discharged from the hospital after just seven days.

One of the most mysterious cases would be from a man named Michael Hill in the year 1998 wherein a man stabbed him in the head. The unbelievable part here is that he did not die but instead, he walked to the house of one of his friends. Now even though he recovered, there are still some side effects like his frequent memory loss cases and of course seizures.

Now as one can see, these medical miracle stories may sound quite unrealistic but they are real. There are some times when one would suffer a fatal accident and still be able to recover. However, there would definitely be some after effects because of the accident.

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