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Stories Behind Black Bear Photographs For Sale

By Nelda Powers

Among the available bear species in the world, the largest number consist of the American black bear. This species was once widespread in the forested country in north America before civilization set in. Today, they have been forced to retreat to areas with dense vegetation away from humans and with plenty of food for their survival. Many of the black bear photographs for sale are shot by photographers who have travelled deep into their territory to capture breathtaking images.

You may come across one roaming open country if there is a deficiency of their favorite food in the forested areas they prefer. The evident change in their way of life is mostly attributable to the influence brought by humans encroaching into their native territories. The only instances in which they have been known to openly confront people is when they feel threatened by their presence.

It is not advisable to feed prowling bears around your home or campsite as they may become violent when they seek a meal. If the campsite is in deep bear country, never allow children to wander out of your sight. In case an encounter ensues, remain calm and try to retreat when the animal looks away. Be careful with making eye contact as it may mistake it for a challenge.

Running away is not a good choice as an angry adult can easily catch up with you on a straight run. You may want to install an electric fence on your premises to dissuade wild animals from paying you a visit at every opportunity. Sometimes, animal conflicts are merely the result of human negligence such as leaving inviting garbage lying out on the open backyard.

When winter is approaching, bears will forage for up to twenty hours on a daily basis to add up weight and stock on energy for their long sleep. During this time, the females will give birth to about three blind and helpless cubs. The young ones are solely dependent on suckling their mother and will remain with her for approximately two years. A female with cubs can be very dangerous as she is very protective of her offspring.

These animals are not social and once the cubs are grown, a mother will let them go to fend for themselves. Males live and roam alone, sometimes even preying on the young of their species. They also happen to be physically bigger, with the capacity to weigh well over three hundred kilograms.

In their natural habitats, the size of an adult black bear is enough to warn off ambitious predators. Occasionally, they may have to fight off grizzlies or tangle with a pack of hungry wolves. Cubs are the most vulnerable, sometimes being snatched away by foxes, bobcats or daring coyotes. Only the presence of a vigilant mother will assure the security of young cubs.

You may be lucky to obtain black bear photographs for sale showing these graceful creatures in their winter dens. This period is marked with physical inactivity to avoid unnecessary wastage of energy. It is quite distinct from hibernation in that the body temperature remains normal.

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