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By Marissa Velazquez

Speech therapy Tucson services offer a solution by addressing the communication challenges that arise from speech related disorders. The disorders can affect people of different ages but the solution lies in identifying the real cause. Eating and swallowing challenges are some of the notable causes of communication disorders. Early intervention is recommended in all cases with the solution lying in faithfully attending all the sessions as recommended by the therapist. This will ensure that the solution is both effective and long lasting.

Treatment requires a multi disciplinary approach where doctors, nurses, teachers and other health professionals are engaged. The issues affecting the patients include sound production, inability to use vocal faculties effectively and poor sound production that includes stammering. Some of the disorders can be addressed through psychological counseling. Other difficulties result from problems with chewing and swallowing.

The disabilities and diseases that are likely to cause the challenges include stroke, neurological disorders like Parkinsons disease and cancer that affects the throat and mouth. Head injury, deafness and loss of hearing ability are likely causes of difficulty with vocal faculties in most cases. Dementia and cleft palate will easily contribute to learning difficulty and eventually lead to problems with understanding and producing sounds. Accurate and early diagnosis is recommended because they make it possible to find a solution.

Therapists work under different conditions to address the unique needs of each patient. They are available in hospitals and community health facilities to attend to patients on walk in basis. There are special schools that handle different forms of physical challenges where the therapists can be found. Others work in mobile clinics and day centers that are scheduled in different locations from time to time.

Trained therapists are available for home based care if the patient cannot access the health facility conveniently. It gives the patient or client the comfort of learning in a familiar surrounding which is supportive. The number of sessions required depends on the condition of the patient. Each patient is given a customized package that addresses unique needs depending on his condition.

Speech disorders vary depending on the effect on the patient. Articulation is a common challenge where the speaker pronounces the words or syllables incorrectly to the extent of confusing listeners. Fluency disorder is exhibited in prolonged sounds, repetition or abnormal stoppage. A disorder with resonance affects the volume, pitch and quality of sound. The experience is uncomfortable and painful to the speaker. Feeding disorder called dysphagia causes eating and swallowing problems as well as drooling.

A comprehensive approach requires the input of a multidisciplinary team including dietitians and occupational therapists. Disorders with the upper aerodigestive system are best addressed through a lifestyle change. Early detection is the first step towards finding a lasting solution. The advice of seasoned therapists is valuable.

Speech therapy Tucson is offered in customized packages that aim at treating unique conditions in each patient. Therapists are well trained and experienced to offer reliable and long term solutions. Their extensive knowledge allows them to use the latest therapy procedures. Children and adult require different services depending on their level of difficulty.

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