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More History Of Lydia Sloley

By Amanda Bean

Raised in Brooklyn, NY as a people person, Lydia Sloley touched the lives of numerous persons. She touched their lives through her sense of her community consciousness. In the year 1982, Lydia go saved and received Christ as the personal Savior and Lord. She was gifted with poetry which according to her was a blessing from the Lord.

The Lord directed her steps in a way that she managed to bless the lives of people both internationally and nationally with her talent of poetic expressions. Upon completing her studies, Lydia started a program called Life In Its poetic Form. The program was exposed in the whole country in Boston region.

Because of the knowledge and skills that she obtained from the institutions, the lady was able to produce, write and direct some of her Television programs. This was due to her knowledge and skills that she acquired to enable her become a producer.

During the time, most of her programs were intended to encourage, inspire and motivate her viewers so that they could be persuaded to accept the daily challenges as faced by human beings.

Most institutions such as the churches, Schools and other corporations praised her for the good work that she was doing to change people lives. Currently, the lady has written more than five books of poetry.

In some cities such as the New York, Lydia has been a famous author for the Love Express and the Christian Newspapers. In the year 2006 however, the lady wrote a novel that was read worldwide by many people because of passions in poetry.

This recognition has made her write many poetic books in the last five years. The books are of different topics ranging from inspirational to encouragements. These books include; relationships, inspirational insights, Knowing Yourself through Christ and Challenging Experiences and Understanding Our Emotions.

In her future literature such as the Supernatural woman, Lydia speaks to women on their empowerment through following and keeping the Christ mind. In the forthcoming books, she keeps on encouraging women to be updated so that they do not make the same mistakes of the past. She advises the women to adopt a supernatural life because this will make them obtain peace that will create an everlasting life with a purpose in it.

In her forthcoming literature, Supernatural Woman, she talks to women about their own empowerment by developing and maintaining the mind of Christ. She keeps on advising the women to live in the moment so that they do not repeat the life stories of their past. She encourages the women to live as supernatural because living as a super natural will make them find peace and create the life of purpose.

The lady also created a website in which she focused majorly on empowering and inspiring women to use Christian principles in their daily lives. In this website, she downloaded talks on various topics that are spiritual and very much important to women. In her website Lydia Sloley also has the song supernatural woman and the supernatural woman shirt also is available on this website.

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