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Knowing About Arts Effect On Society

By Marissa Velazquez

Students realize that arts effect on society can be both negative and positive. There are so many people who rely upon these acts to bring huge revenue into their community. Actors, artists, singers and dancers help to keep individuals entertained in the most amusing ways. Musicians also do their best to teach human beings about many soothing sounds that may come from an instrument.

New York residents know all about the variety of actors that are living within this very massive city. There are so many soap opera stars and theatre performers on every street corner. They all have a very unique style that has lasted throughout the ages. Broadway will always shine a bright light for many of these thespians who give people confidence and strength.

Hollywood helps many individuals escape from reality by making very entertaining movies that will take someone far away for about two hours. Movies such as "Star Wars" and "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" help young men everywhere gain a sense of adventure and freedom. These men who attend certain movies and comic book conventions really need time away from their boring everyday lives.

People who are very depressed will often get a thrill out of the movies that are produced in Hollywood. These cinematic masterpieces will help someone forget all about their troubles once they sit within a dark theatre with the other audience members. Many of the characters in these movies are facing problems of their own and they can really teach a lesson to the afflicted movie fan.

At times someone who has a mental illness should stay out of movies which deal with violence and gore. They can become so hypnotized by the characters that they view on screen. Colorado citizens were horrified to learn that a man actually shot patrons who attended a "Batman" movie. Police officers everywhere knew that this man had always had an obsession for superhero characters.

He had literally become the "Joker" of the very famous Batman series and this was very disturbing to many human beings. This joker actually colored his hair bright red and appeared before a judge in this same manner. Unfortunately his insanity plea did not hold up during his trial since the crimes were so horrific. Many of his victims had died on that fateful night and some of them were left with brain injuries. Hollywood realized that their movie had caused all of this trouble.

There are so many individuals who suffer from mental illness in today's society and no one can really identify all of these people. Christian Bale visited many of the victims who were involved in these horrible shootings since he felt somewhat responsible for this act of violence. On a positive note musicians who work with the Metropolitan Opera Center are always mentoring young minds.

It is very strange that arts effect on society are discussed by many people. The opera singers as well as dancers will always give great advice to pupils. This is one reason why Alvin Ailey had his company became involved with inner city children many years ago. He thought that it was very important to educate young people about all of the creative things that life had to offer. Fortunately this rule still applies even to this very day and time.

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