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How Did The Martial Arts Clothing Originate

By Marissa Velazquez

Karate is one of the most difficult arts to pursue and learn. It takes away a lot of physical strength from the body. If one has been learning it from childhood, he is bound to be stronger and fitter then the others around him. When one is seen in a martial arts clothing, it is automatically noted and subconsciously kept in mind.

Different countries have different cultures and their own form of kickboxing sport. The various forms that are popular today are nothing but a collection of the contribution of the different cultures to the world for martial arts. Some of the examples that are well known are- kick boxing, judo, MMa and karate. Each of these come from different regions of the world.

It is not true that these sports are meant only for attack and violence. It is most popularly used to stop violence and also for self-defence purposes. It is also a good exercise and helps people in making sure that they are fit. Regular practice also increases the endurance and the stamina levels of a person.

The one thing that grabs the attention of every onlooker and also distinguishes a martial arts personnel from an average person is the uniform. The people who have the privilege to wear the uniform take utmost pride in it as they would have definitely worked hard towards getting it. The uniform is nothing flamboyant- a simple white robe and a pair of trousers and a coloured belt at the waist to mark the level of excellence that the person can perform up to. It still stand out of the crowd as it commands respect.

Different costumes are used for different types of karate forms. For instance, Judo founder Kano Jigro founded the costume for judo and the other martial arts forms that come from Japan. He called it Keikogi. This name was given to the costume because Keiko means to practice and Gi means dress, it means- practice dress. The upper body potion of this costume is called the Uwagi and the lower portion is called the Shitabaki.

Keeping in alignment with the climatic conditions of Japan, the costume is made in four different weaves. They all differ from each other in terms of thickness and weight to suit the different climatic conditions in Japan. The first one is the single weave, it is a thin and light costume that is most suitable for summers. There is a double weaved one that is very think and heavy, normally meant fo winters.

The third type is the gold weave. This is not very thick, but neither is it thin in texture. It is used on the pleasant days when it is neither too hot not too cold. It can be categorised somewhere in between the single and double weave. The platinum weave is one that is heavier and thicker than the single weave but is lighter and thinner than the gold weave.

The costume was made with the traditional plain white fabric, but now people have innovated upon the traditional martial arts clothing and added the spin of fashion to it. It is very important for the students and professionals to maintain the costume well so that the dignity of the costume and the honour of the art is maintained.

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