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The Versatility Of The Purple Turban

By Nita McKinney

History records the use of many different types of fashionable head coverings. This accessory has often been referred to as the piece that can make or break the success of an outfit. One may think a pastel sunhat or yellow pillbox cap to be the right choice, but a purple turban can be worn in several different ways for more versatile looks.

One of the most versatile types of head covering is the turban. This is because the term loosely encompasses a wide range of designs and there are hundreds of different variations of these styles. The most commonly recognized versions are the ones worn by certain religious groups and several cultures throughout the Middle East, India, Asia and Africa.

By traditional definition, a turban is a cap that is formed by wrapping a long length of cloth around the head multiple times, covering all of one's hair. In modern times, this is a term that is used to describe just about any headgear that holds a loose resemblance to the original design. Though many are still made by hand, using scarves, others may be purchased already formed as hats.

Ready made caps are designed to look as if they were carefully wrapped and can vary in appearance depending on fashion, prints and embellishments that are used. While some are clearly intended to be worn in public and be notices, others are meant to serve a more practical function. An example of a style with a purpose would be the hair drying terry cloth version that acts as a towel.

Creating a personalized design begins with finding the perfect scarf in one's favorite fabric or print that is long enough to go around the head at least twice. Folding it into a three inch strip lengthwise or rolling it into a rope is the first step for many styles. Placing the center at the nape of the neck, wrapping around to the front, crossing the ends and reversing direction to tie in the rear will result in a beautiful headband.

The original style of turban may be mimicked by starting with a scarf that has been pleated into a two inch wide strip. Center it on the nape of the neck and tie it one time at the forehead before reversing direction and tying a full knot in the rear. The look is completed by tucking the ends under the band and them loosely pulling the pleats our to cover the hair and secure with bobby pins.

A triangular bandanna style scarf is another option with many variations. It seems simple but just by changing embellishments or tying the knot or bow in different locations such as the nape, forehead or side, the look can be quite drastically altered. The covering can be given a total personalization through the use of brooches, rhinestones, rosettes and other additions.

There are many more options available for those who like to style their own headpieces. Purchasing as a cap opens up an even wider variety of designs. Whether worn as a headband, bandanna or traditional purple turban, this type of covering is fashionable and versatile.

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