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The Sylvester Stallone Approach To Building A Sculpted Six Pack

By Russ Howe

Lots of fitness enthusiasts around the world are trying to build a body similar to their favorite celebrity. None more so than Rocky Balboa himself. If your goal is to learn how to build muscle, the Sylvester Stallone abs workout is something you'll undoubtedly be very interested in.

Despite the many celebrity workout plans which are keen to introduce the 'next big thing' or or present a new miracle weight loss formula, the ones which stand the test of time are those which focus on the proven basics. This one does just that and if you can combine it with some of the solid principles to a muscle building diet you will see great results.
The importance of diet is just one of the five rules touched upon in the video guide on how to build muscle accompanying today's article.

Despite sticking to the old classic moves, this workout delivers a very intense session. However, if you are trying to copy the style of The Italian Stallion you were probably expecting this much.

There are a few exercises in today's workout which you may not have encountered before so we will walk you through each one.

* Floor Crunch.

* Twisting Crunches

* Upright knee raise.

* Rotary Oblique Twists.

* Abdominal wheel rolls.

The first exercise on today's schedule is the good old crunch. If you are able to perform this on the floor without any equipment then you should do that, however if you want to use an exercise ball to provide comfort for your back then this is a perfectly fine adaptation to make. In fact, Sly made this change himself in the late 1990's after injuring his lower back on a during a stunt on the disaster movie Daylight.

Attempt to perform three sets of thirty repetitions of the floor crunch. If you find this too difficult, you can start by aiming for fifteen and working your way up to the target figure at a later date. The key to crunches is maintaining a slow tempo, really focusing on the contraction of the upper abs each time you reach the top of a repetition.

Twisting crunches offer a good variation on the standard method and will target the oblique muscles, which run down the side of the six pack. They have the same principles as a regular crunch, but by aiming your elbow at it's opposing knee you will be able to target the small oblique muscles on each side of your stomach.

Upright knee raises are another move which is often performed incorrectly in the gym. Many fitness enthusiasts unknowingly remove the stress from their stomach and place it on the hips by swinging their legs forward. Instead, perform this move with knees bent at 90 degrees and focus on pulling your knees through a contraction of the lower abdominal area, removing momentum from the equation altogether.

In the gym, Sly has stated on many occasions that if he could only take one core strength exercise with him to desert island it would be the next one. Rotary oblique twists, also known as broomstick twists, are a fantastic move for toning and strengthening your obliques. By performing this move on a decline bench you'll also be able to strengthen your entire core section, including your lower back.

The last exercise in the session is the abdominal wheel roll-out. Another extremely old movement, this simple piece of equipment has been an ever-present in gyms for many decades and continues to be one of the hardest exercises despite the numerous advances we have made over the years.

Come up onto your knees and simply push the wheel out in front of you as far as your balance will allow, the roll it back towards your body. Try to perform thirty repetitions without resting. As you progress here you will notice that you are able to wheel further away from your centre of gravity and provide yourself with an even tougher workout. To begin with, however, try to reach shoulder level with the wheel on each rep.

There you have it, folks. The Sylvester Stallone abs workout is a brutal affair but you probably wouldn't want it any other way. After all, if you want to learn how to build muscle the same way The Italian Stallion did you should be prepared for some of the most brutal workouts you have performed in your life.

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