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A Wealth Of Patterned And Solid Color Ties

By Eugenia Dickerson

Neckties make great gifts for all occasions, and there is a wide array from which to choose. Some people like solid color ties, while others prefer patterned neckties. Whether a person is shopping for someone whose style is conservative, trendy, modern or traditional, it may be difficult to select only one tie.

Solid color ties are always popular, because they can be worn with a wide range of clothing styles. A chic, expensive suit might be beautifully complemented by a tie in a dark gray shade. A bright fuchsia necktie could be the perfect accessory for an evening out at a nightclub.

Solid color neckties are available in numerous fabrics. A tie in a bold shade of blue might be made from light silk, and a dark gray item could be made in a fabric of heavy cotton. Some neckties may be cleaned with a dampened cloth, while other ties can only be dry cleaned. Although a necktie may be made in a single color, it can also be designed with a partially raised surface that has a different pattern from the rest of the tie.

Countless individuals prefer neckties that have stripes. On such neckties, stripes can vary greatly. One necktie might have pinstripes, and another may have wide, bold stripes. Preferences vary as much as the striped patterns do. Some people like blue and orange stripes, and others like brown and white. A tie might be pale yellow, with stripes in a darker shade of yellow.

An abundance of other patterns can also be found in stores and online. Countless neckties come with dotted patterns. Argyle patterns seem always to be popular, and an argyle necktie could come in a color combination such as yellow and blue, black and green, or pink and red. Argyle neckties can be matched with an array of clothing choices.

Another kind of tie that is worth considering is the type that exhibits a logo. An individual might like a tie that is custom designed to exhibit a company logo or theme. A perfect gift for someone who loves sports might be a tie that displays the name of a sports team or a famous athlete. A lot of designers display their names on the front of the ties they sell.

As trendy as ever are novelty bow ties and neckties. Novelty neckties come in an abundance of styles. Some neckties exhibit a motif of bison, giraffes, cats or dogs. A tie that has a motif of golf clubs or golf balls could be perfect for a golfer. An individual who likes to travel might enjoy a tie that displays an image of a lake in Canada, a bistro in Paris, or a mountain in Switzerland. A necktie with a motif of musical symbols and instruments may be appropriate for a musician. With the aid of batteries, a novelty bow tie could light up.

Choosing a necktie can take some time, because a shopper typically wants to be sure to select a tie that is suitable for the intended recipient. Solid color ties are generally advisable choices, when people are unsure of the preferences of those for whom they are shopping. Many patterned neckties are also appropriate for a broad variety of individuals. Novelty neckties are often best given to those who have an adventurous sense of style.

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