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Attending An Elvis Tribute San Francisco

By Cornelia White

There can be greater experience than treating yourself to an Elvis tribute San Francisco. He has been called the greatest performer of our time and although he died nearly forty years ago still has a fan base that many entertainers can only dream of. The city by the bay is the perfect place to find an event that honors him and his legacy.

He began as a local performer in Memphis, Tennessee and was soon picked up by RCA records. His first single hit the top of the charts and his career in professional singing began. He first appeared on television on the Jack Paar show followed by an appearance on Ed Sullivan in which only his head was televised because of the way he moved when he sang. One of his best attributes was that he could span the entire genre of music styles with ease. Crossing over into several markets with one song was a common event.

His career eventually took him to Hollywood and he starred in several movies that although they made plenty of money were not Academy Award winners. After a short break that lasted approximately seven years he made his come back and returned to the live stage for the rest of his life. Three days after his death in 1977 a new song was released and became an instant hit. There have been new versions of his music released nearly every year since his death.

Today there are many people who have copied his style of dance, dress and speech. A few can imitate his singing voice when performing some of his hit songs. Very few of these people can cover the full spectrum of his talent.

With so many professional impersonators in the city you can book the King for birthdays, weddings, graduation parties or any other event that you have a notion to host. Most will give an excellent performance that will please you and your guests. Unfortunately you will have to look for a much larger venue to find something that qualifies as a tribute to the King.

The city by the bay is the perfect spot to find conferences dedicated to the King. These conferences consist of thousands of impersonators and civilians coming together to sing his songs and pay homage to his greatness. The performers are known to hold impromptu shows on the streets or in a hotel lobby. An atmosphere of a party is prevalent but they all find time to find new ways to improve their performances and it is all open to the public.

In a sellout event the Giants base ball team put on a game dedicated to the king and his fans. They had several impersonators to entertain fans before and during the game. They also handed out door prizes to the first twenty thousand people through the gate. There were contests throughout the game for costuming and singing.

The base ball game was held in September of 2013 and is the most recent Elvis tribute San Francisco. Happily it was a tremendous success and because it was hopefully they will repeat it again next year. As it is over twenty thousand people had a memorable experience and the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation got a very nice donation.

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