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5 Of The Best Bits In UK Entertainment News, Music And TV

By Mark Patterson

In my opinion everyone would agree, this year is has been one hell of a year to remember! A lot of good times and interesting stories come to mind, can't think of many? No worries, here's the 5 most amazing memories of the year.

Breaking-Bad-Baddy finally sorted out his issues! Yes! nobody could not remember the incredible season show of Breaking Bad; if you did forget; jokes on you! Breaking Bad can only be known as among the best programs ever to touch TV screens. Anyway straight back around to the point; in 2013 the incredible TV program ended after five crazy seasons, but boy was it an incredible finish. Breaking Bad watchers all tuned in to watch their favorite TV villain Walter White burn all his loose ends & rescue the much loved Jessie, and die by his own terms. If you've not viewed the Breaking Bad show as of yet, then we've entirely ruined the ending; but that's your fault for taking way too long to view the program; where have you seriously bin??

Star royalty was made! Superstar power duo Kim Kardashian and Kanye West said hi to their new-born daughter for the first time ever. In 2013 North-west was brought into a place high in strobing lights and pushy reporters, but also was blessed with Dad & Mum that have all of their love to share. Reality-television star Kim Kardashian and hip-hop celebrity Kanye West were over the moon seeing the birth of the new-born child. how nice!

We said welcome to the brand new Royal baby in 2013. This brand-new baby's birth was so incredibly anticipated, that information reporters were sat before London's St.Mary's Hospital for nearly 1 month before the new born's birth.

Selfie, amazeballs and Twerking were included in the Oxford dictionary. As a result of raunchy dance move and public obsession with taking pictures of your self, the official dictionary was forced to include these new words on to the list this season. I have to say, as of Amazeballs scraping the cut, it is very extraordinary!

Kat Moon & Alfie Moon re-united Again! I'm certain you was all upset when Albert Square's favourite couple split last Xmas. Well have no worries, the TV show eventually sore sense and got back the duo; and Kat Moon & Alfie Moon are back together. The length of time for is another question. Other memorable TELEVISION moments worth mentioning are: Nick and Dave had a vehicle accident in Coronation Street.

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